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Vehicle: '1948 PORSCHE'

Eckler’s Automotion is your one-stop shop for your 1948 Porsche. 1948 was defined by the Porsche 356 model. The Porsche 356 was the first sports car created by the company which was crafted to a high standard at this period in time. The car used a rear mounted enhanced Beetle engine with 40 horsepower and was established in the market for its dependability, comfort and handling. The car was light weight that allowed for performance, great off-road capabilities and a powerful engine with great gas mileage. In addition to carrying 1948 Porsche parts, we have parts available for all Porsche models. We have all the parts and accessories you need to help restore your 1948 Porsche, at the best prices! Trust Eckler’s Automotion for all of your restoration and replacement needs for your truck, racer, show car, street rod, or daily driver.

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  1. Hose Clamp 50mm-70mm

    Part #: P883073

    Hose Clamp 50mm-70mm
  2. Hose Clamp 25mm-40mm

    Part #: P883070

    Hose Clamp 25mm-40mm
  3. Hose Clamp 12mm-20mm

    Part #: P883067

    Hose Clamp 12mm-20mm
  4. Hose Clamp 32mm-50mm

    Part #: P883071

    Hose Clamp 32mm-50mm
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  3. $2.99 ea.
  4. $1.99 ea.
  1. Hose Clamp 40mm-60mm

    Part #: P883072

    Hose Clamp 40mm-60mm
  2. Hose Clamp 8mm-12mm

    Part #: P883066

    Hose Clamp 8mm-12mm
  3. Hose Clamp 16mm-25mm

    Part #: P883068

    Hose Clamp 16mm-25mm
  4. Hose Clamp 20mm-32mm

    Part #: P883069

    Hose Clamp 20mm-32mm
  1. $1.99 ea.
  2. $1.99 ea.
  3. $2.99 ea.
  4. $2.99 ea.
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