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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Shock Absorbers'
Vehicle: '1965 PORSCHE 356 C'

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Shock, Bilstein For Porsche Part # MS-1661
For the performance minded driver, Bilstein shocks deliver absolute mastery of the road surface. Bilsteins instantaneously self-adjust to changing road surface. Performance does not incline from age, use or heat - requiring no compensating manual adjustments. While everyone else makes a Mcpherson strut or cartridge, they mount the narrow piston rod at the top where it must absorb the twin forces of the compression and rebound as well as the stress of tremendous side loads from cornering. Bilstein places the piston rod inside the strut tube, where it is completely protected from side load stress and contamination by road matter. the thicker, stouter steel body of the shock dissipates side loads much more effectively. Bilsteins also operate at much cooler temperatures with their ultra-efficient monotube design, which allows a more rapid heat dissipation. Learn More
Shock, OEM Boge/Sachs, For Porsche® Part # MS-1703
Factory Replacement Boge & Sachs Shocks Boge shocks give you the ultimate combination of performance and comfort. This means you will enjoy the superior handling of your vehicle without sacrificing comfort for daily driving. Large hard chromed pistons, exclusive oil formulation and the Boge Anti Foaming Ring work together to provide the most precise road control. This is a good choice for stock springs and sway bars or a slightly stiffer setup. Learn More
Koni Performance Shocks, For Porsche Part # MS-1662
If you like to drive your vehicle hard, really hard, or maybe race it on the weekends (autocross, time trials) but still be able to drive daily, Konis are your answer. During the week leave the shocks at their softest setting (which will be somewhat stiffer than stock). Then when an event comes up, or a weekend outing, you can adjust to suit your needs. Konis work best with stiffer springs and sway bars, which doesnt mean that they would not enhance a stock suspension system! Please Note: Boge Shocks were original equipment on many Porsches except the 911S and those cars special ordered with Koni Shocks. Due to the difference of the front strut assembly, the Koni and Boge inserts are not interchangeable with each other. Be sure to order your Koni for the correct type. If you are not sure which type you have, green is generally Bilstein, Orange and yellow Koni, and black is Boge (Boge also makes shocks under the name Fitchel and Sachs). Learn More
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