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Category: 'Flywheel and Related'
Vehicle: '1968 PORSCHE 911'

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Porsche® 911/914 Transmission, Clutch, Flywheel, Bolt, 1968-1977 Part # P906428
Never Reuse Stretch Bolts 6 Required Per Car   These should be replaced every time that the flywheel is replaced, since they are under a tremendous amount of pressure for most of their lives. Be careful when removing the old ones. If they strip, then you might have to grind them off, possibly destroying your flywheel, and possibly melting your flywheel seal in one big expensive operation. Learn More

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Porsche® 911/914-6 Transmission, Clutch, Flywheel, Pilot Bearing, 1965-1979 Part # P906210
This bearing acts as a guide for the drive shaft of the transmission.  On the early cars, the flywheel pilot bearing needs to be carefullu pressed into the flywheel.  Beginning in 1980 Porsche® installed a new type of pilot bearing that included a thick metal housing around the outside.  This pilot bearing is mounted directly to the crankshaft.  Every complete clutch job should include a replacement of this flywheel bearing.  Pilot bearing failure can lead to significant damage to the transmission input shaft. Learn More

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AASCO Billet-Aluminum Flywheel for Porsche. Flywheel is 13lbs. which is a 50% reduction Part # P106415
Light-weight for improved performance and drastically reduced M.O.I Optimized for normal street use for every day performance enthusiasts Replaceable Heat Shield (friction surface), no need to ever surface the flywheel Direct OEM Replacement so Stock and Aftermarket clutches bolt right on for easy install Stepped dowel pins so they are held captive by the clutch cover Only grade 8 aerospace quality fasteners, and OEM quality starter ring gears CAD designed/ CNC machined in house for the ultimate in quality control Highest tolerance manufacturing to insure complete quality control 100% Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A One year limited warranty on production components The Porsche carriage is an ideal candidate for a light-weight flywheel performance upgrade. The engine placement and power to weight ratio allows for increased throttle response from the engine and directly down to the wheels. Aasco has over 30 years experience in Porsche Performance in racing and manufacturing Upgrading to a lightweight aluminum flywheel from Aasco Motorsports will quicken your throttle response and increase the performance of your Porsche! AAsco flywheels feature CAD-designed/CNC-machined construction from of 6061-T6 aluminum and a replaceable heat-treated steel friction surface. Use them with a stock OEM clutch disk for normal street driving or upgrade to a more aggressive kit for the track. Aasco flywheels have been tested to withstand normal everyday use and do not require your ECU to be reprogrammed. NOTE: Aasco Motorsports stands behind all of our products and will always offer free inspection and technical assistance to get you and your car running in perfect order Learn More
$499.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/914-6 Transmission, Clutch, Flywheel, 1965-1972 Part # P906215
215mm   The flywheel has essentially three functions in your engine. First, it is used to balance the rotating mass of the crankshaft and pistons. Second to provide the starter with a gear to rotate the engine when you are starting the car. Third, it is used to provide the clutch disc with a surface to catch to, thereby transferring power from the engine, through the clutch assembly then out to the transmission. Over time, flywheels can come out of round, due to wear and age. If you need a new flywheel, we here at Automotion® can provide you with a new unit. Also, whenever you remove the flywheel, always replace the flywheel bolts for extra insurance. Learn More
$439.99 ea.
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