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Fan/Alternator Belt For Porsche® Part # MS-1753
OEM Quality Replacement Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specifications Quality Replacement Fan/alternator belts for most Porsche applications. Belts are one of the most overlooked wear and tear items on your vehicle. Do not skip them and be caught on the side of the road because one snapped. NOTE: Inspect your belts for excessive wear or glazing on the smooth side of the belts and inspect the grooved side for cracks. If either one of these conditions is present, it is time to replace your belts. Learn More
Heater Lever Light, Replacement Bulb For Porsche®, 1972-1986 Part # P802595
Best Quality Replacement Bulb For Porsche® Peanut Style Bulb Check Owner's Manual For Other Specific Applications Learn More
$2.99 ea.
Heater Hose, Fiberglass Neoprene, 12", Each For Porsche® Part # P902061
Best Quality Replacement Heater Hose For Porsche® Fiberglass Reinforced Neoprene Construction More Durable Than Genuine Paper Style Hose 12" Length Learn More
$12.99 ea.
$24.99 ea.
$6.99 ea.
A/C Evaporator Blower Motor Without Fan, Fits Porsche 911 1965-85 Part # P916151
The A/C Evaporator Blower Motor is the last motor, in the line of several; it is what blows the cold air into the passenger compartment. If you turn on the A/C system and no air blows from the vents, or you get a loud screeching noise, most likley its this motor. Save hundreds by installing our original OEM Bosch replacement Learn More
$89.99 ea.
Heater Control Box, Left (Without Automatic Heating Control For Porsche®, 1965-1989 Part # P902086
Tech Tip: If you're encountering loss of heat in your passenger compartment, first check hoses and cables. If all are good, the heater control box is probably malfunctioning. Learn More
$119.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/912/914/930 Ventilation Blower Motor W/Fan, 1969-1989 Part # P915081
Less Than A 1/4th Of The Complete Blower Assembly   Don't spend almost 800.00 on a new ventilation blower motor assembly when you can just replace the internal electric motor with cage that breaks, at a fraction of the cost! Simply remove the blower box pop the retaining clips and replace the complete blower motor and fan. Easy plug in installation. If your plastic fan and shroud isnt broken and only the electric motor is burned out choose our "Electric Motor Only" option. Learn More
$179.99 ea.
Block Off Plate, Right Side Fan Housing, Black 1965-89 911® For Porsche Part # P916396
High Quality Fiberglass Performance Air Block Off Plate Blocks Air Entering Heater System On Header Equipped Or All-Out Race Porsche® Directs Air Back Over The Cylinders For Maximum Cooling Not Pre-Drilled For Attaching Hardware Learn More
$84.99 ea.
Heater Hose, Loprene, With Ends, 18", Long, For Porsche®, 1975-1989 Part # P910908
Inside Diameter Is 2.5" Improved Loprene heater box hoses with double strength wire and finished ends resist deterioration. We also have original style fiberglass reinforced neoprene, which has spiral steel coils for easy flexing & collapse-proof strength. And for owners who want to recover heat, we have aluminum hoses. Learn More
$59.99 ea.
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