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Clutch Disc For Porsche® Part # MS-1738
Quality Discs Available For Most Applications OEM, Performance And Aftermarket Manufacturers Clutch slipping in your Porsche? Performance Products brings you quality replacement clutch discs. Choose from major aftermarket manufacturers such as Centerforce or OEM manufacturer Sachs. Learn More
Clutch Pressure Plate For Porsche® Part # MS-1739
Quality Pressure Plates Available For Most Applications From OEM Manufacturer SACHS Clutch slipping in your Porsche? Lots of shudder when letting off the clutch pedal? Performance Products brings you quality replacement clutch pressure plates to help keep your Porsche performing its best. Learn More
Dual Friction Clutch Set For Porsche® Part # MS-1736
Performance Upgrade Perfect For High Horsepower Applications Includes Pressure Plate And Clutch Disc Throwout Bearing Sold Separately Having trouble with the clutch in your Porsche? Too much horsepower and the clutch slipping? Performance Products has the answer for you with brand-new Centerforce dual friction clutch sets. With 90% more torque capacity and sequentially matched pressure plate and clutch disc, Centerforce will provide greater performance without a huge increase in pedal effort. Learn More
Porsche® 924/944/968 Transmission, Clutch, Bearing Guide Tube, 1976-1995 Part # P904488
Best Quality Replacement Clutch Throw Out (Release) Bearing Guide Tube Fits Porsche® 924/944/968 High Quality Replacement Of An Often Abused Part   This is the guide tube that the throw out bearing is placed on. This should be replaced if significant wear is seen from the throw out bearing binding on it. Replacement of this part is cheap insurance against having to do another clutch job. Learn More

Was: $9.99 ea.

Now: $5.99 ea.
Porsche® 924 Transmission, Clutch, Release Bearing, 1976-1982 Part # P904489
Sachs   These new release/throw-out bearings are made by Sachs, the original supplier to Porsche®. You should always replace your old release/throw-out bearing every time that you replace your clutch disc and pressure plate. Learn More
$31.99 ea.
Sachs Clutch Super Kit, For Porsche® 924®, Non-Turbo, 1977-1982 Part # P9151514
Clutches are the tie between the engine and the transmission. They make it possible to comfortably start from a standstill and they interrupt the flow of power between the engine and the transmission when changing gears or idling. They are mainly made up of a clutch disc, clutch cover and releaser, although various constructions do exist depending on application needs. All clutch components have been tuned to reach the same life span. In the event that a clutch component breaks down, it is strongly recommended that the entire clutch is replaced. For this reason, ZF Trading/Sachs has created the ideal solution with the complete kit product range; made up of a clutch cover, clutch disc and releaser. This kit includes the special grease required for fitting and problem-free operation. Learn More
$279.99 Kit
Porsche® 924 Transmission, Clutch, Cable, 1977-1978 Part # P904542
Replace that worn cable with a brand new one and stop worrying about cable failure. Clutch and speedometer cables break down and fail after many years of use. Carry a spare with you for those inconvenient times when the cable breaks! Learn More

Was: $31.99 ea.

Now: $29.99 ea.
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