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1981 Porsche 911 930 Turbo 911 Door Stop Brace Kit

1981 Porsche 911 930 Turbo   911 Door Stop Brace Kit

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1965 thru 1994
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This part does not fit a '1981 PORSCHE 911-930'
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Door stops on the 911 are a real pain. If the door limit lever doesnt break, it will eventually tear the panel at the front of the door. And that can cost you hundreds of dollars. Years of swinging the door open against the stop weakens the panel at the front of the door where your door stop attaches; eventually this panel distorts, cracks, and may tear the metal enogh to require a new door. A typical price for just disassembling the door and welding in a new section is around $400, plus re-painting costs. Your solution to preventing this high cost (and keeping your 911 in pristine condition) is to install our bolt in door brace kit. The strong brace prevents constant metal working and fatiguing of the door panel. Stamped from heavy gauge steel and plated for rust prevention, our solution easily installs with hand tools; no cutting or welding required. Fits all 911,912,930,964 with door stops held with allen bolts. (Some 911's had door stops held in with nuts; for these cars, buy our package with a new, late style door stop 902680 and the fix kit). The 911 door brace kit fixes one door and works on either left or right hand doors. Any torn sheet metal must be repaired/welded before installation of this kit.