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1982 PORSCHE 911-930 MIRRORS

Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Mirrors'
Vehicle: '1982 PORSCHE 911-930'
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OEM Style Quality Replacement Brake Rotor For Porsche® Part # MS-1796
Quality Replacement Available For Most OEM Applications Helps End Brake "Shudder" Performance Products is proud to offer OEM style, quality replacement brake rotors for your Porsche®. The brakes are without question the most important system of your Porsche® and this system takes the most abuse of all of them! Over time through many heat cycles, rotors can become glazed or warped and this severely effects braking efficiency. Replace your tired rotors with these quality replacement rotors from Performance Products today and rest assured you are getting the best parts for your Porsche®. NOTE: It is always recommended to replace brake pads when replacing brake rotors. Learn More

Was: $469.99 ea.

Now: $27.99 ea.

Brake Rotor, Front Right, For 930 Porsche®, 1981-1989 Part # P901786
Restore Your Brakes With New OEM Brake Rotors. We offer the highest quality OEM brake rotors for your Porsche®. You should always replace rotors in pairs - why? Well over the life of your brake rotor, the heating and cooling has a tendency to "harden" the metal. Replacing only one side can result in uneven and potentially dangerous braking. Learn More
$199.99 ea.
Car Cover, Coverking Satin Stretch (Indoor Car Cover) Part # P802890A
Blind Stitching For Hidden Seams Less Chance For Water Leakage Satin Stretch is an indoor custom fit car cover fabric. It will fade if exposed for extended periods to the sun and it is not water resistant. But it is the perfect car cover for car shows and car displays. Satin Stretch is the softest fabric available and has Lycra yarns to hug every contour of your automobile. Available in gray, black or red. Outdoor vs. Indoors? Start by determining if you will use your cover outside or inside. Outdoor car cover materials offer the best protection against elements like tree sap, rain, salt air and bird droppings that are damaging to your paint job. On the other hand, indoor car covers protect against dust, ding and scratches and are less bulky. Whether it's indoor or outdoor protection that you need, our car covers also guard your interior from sun damage and prying eyes. Choose Your Material All of our materials offer excellent breathability. No material can be completely moisture resistant and even a small amount of morning dew trapped between the cover and your finish can cause damage. Our fabric allow moisture to vaporize and escape, keeping the surface clean and dry. For specific information on materials, (Please see more information and more images). Custom Fit These covers are individually made to custom fit your Porsches® year, make and model. Too loose a fit and the cover may billow in the wind - flap-ping up against your finish-doing damage with each snap and possibly even blowing off altogether! Durable grommets are standard with all our covers for use with our cable and lock (sold separately). Our covers are designed for lightweight ease of use. Please note when choosing mirror pockets Coverking only provides mirror pockets in the original configuration. For example if your vehicle is a 1973 Porsche 911 which only came with a drivers mirror that will arrive with one mirror pocket only. Learn More
$199.99 ea.
Cam Holding Tool, 1982-98 911®/993 For Porsche Part # P903009
Both have convenient handles and effectively keep the cam from turning when removing or installing the cam nut. Holder for early models 1965-80 , works in conjunction with crowfoot, while larger cam holder accommodates new cam design for 1980 -98, eliminating use of crowfoot and permitting use of normal hand tools to remove cam nut. Learn More

Was: $89.99 ea.

Now: $79.99 ea.

Voltage Regulator, Paris-Rhone or Marchal, For Porsche®, 1982 -1989 Part # P903482
Require Only Hand Tools To Install Always consider replacing the regulator when installing a new alternator or generator. A faulty regulator can ruin a perfectly good battery by allowing over or under-charging. Learn More

Was: $59.99 ea.

Now: $52.99 ea.

Alternator Pulley Nut Kit For 911® /930® /928®, 1982-1989 Part # P901548
Replace your rounded off alternator pulley nut with our new replacement. Learn More

Was: $23.99 ea.

Now: $12.99 ea.

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