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1984 PORSCHE 911-930 TURBO

Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Turbo'
Vehicle: '1984 PORSCHE 911-930'
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Brake Pad Sensor, For Porsche® Part # MS-1659
Prevent Damaged Rotors By Maintaining Warning Light System Learn More
Brake Hoses OEM Rubber, Front Or Rear For Porsche® Part # MS-1725
OEM Style Quality Replacement Plated Ends For Durability Reinforced Rubber Hose Material Since rubber hardens and cracks with age, weakened brake line walls often swell causing spongy-feeling brakes. Lines can even burst through the cracks resulting in dangerous brake failure! Performance Products offers these quality brake lines so you can keep your Porsche stopping like it should. TECH TIP: Inspect your brake lines and brake fluid regularly because brake fluid is hydroscopic (attracts water) and under extreme conditions may need to be changed. Learn More
Porsche® 911/924/928/944/968 Drain Plug Seal, 1980-1995 Part # P910273
6-Piece Set The aluminum crush washer must be replaced each and every time you change your oil. Save with our handy 6-pack. Learn More
$3.99 Set
Porsche® 911/928/944/968 Oil Drain Plug, 1983-1998 Part # P903140
Note: Oil drain plugs use soft metals such as aluminum or copper to create a good seal. In order to prevent an oil drip after oil drain, it is necessary to replace the gasket. For oil drain plug gaskets, see Aluminum and Copper Gaskets. Learn More
$8.99 ea.
Carpet Kit, Domestic Pile, For 911/912 Porsche Part # MS-1774
Great Alternative To High Price Original Carpet Factory Style Welting Pre Attached Complete Factory Style Set 12 Piece Set (Without Center Floor Carpet Inserts ) 16 Piece Set (With Center Floor Carpet Inserts ) Performance products offers you the best in factory original-style carpet for your Porsche. These American made domestic “Pile” style carpets offer an affordable alternative to the higher priced German originals. Although not a true factory German Wool Velour, cut-pile carpet closely mimics the soft "fuzzy" appearance found in the factory carpet. These fantastic cut-pile carpet sets are reproduced to original appearing standards with correct style welting down the seam. Set is complete for front, rear, under sill and tunnel area, we also have a set to go over the rubber floor mats for those that prefer the full carpeted look. Cut-pile style carpeting is great for the Porsche enthusiast that is making a race car or nice driver in which absolute correctness is not a factor. Cut-pile carpet is so close in appearance to the original; most people will not be able to tell the difference! Trust Performance Products to get you down the road with the right parts at the right price. Learn More
AC Receiver Drier For Porsche® Part # MS-1747
OEM Quality Replacement The receiver drier for the air conditioning system does two really important jobs for your system. First, the receiver-drier separates gas and liquid. Next, it removes moisture and filters out dirt, metal shavings and other debris from the system. Replace your receiver-drier today while you are replacing your AC Compressor and do the job right with the best parts from Performance Products. Learn More
Air Conditioning Compressor, Remanufactured For Porsche® Part # MS-1748
OEM Quality Remanufactured Units Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specifications Includes Clutch Core Charge May Apply Quality Remanufactured Denso units are perfect for repairing your Porsche® factory air conditioning system. Trust Performance Products for all of your Porsche® parts needs. NOTE: Core charges: Price in shopping cart reflects Core charge refundable upon return of a complete rebuildable like unit in original box. Compressor and clutch assembly must be assembled together upon return, and the pulley and the hub must turn freely. Learn More
Oil Pressure Sender, 911®, 930 Single Pole, For Porsche®, 1984-1989 Part # P901430
Replace your oil pressure gauge sending unit with our replacament unit. Sending units fail and leak causing annoying problems that are easily fixed. Learn More

Was: $59.99 ea.

Now: $39.99 ea.

Expansion Valve For Porsche® Part # MS-1749
OEM Quality Replacement Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specifications Quality Replacement expansion valve for most Porsche® applications. The expansion valve controls the flow of refrigerant into the condenser and small orfices and tubes are prone to clogging by dirt and debris. Replace your expansion valve with this quality replacement from Performance Products and keep your AC system functioning as it should. NOTE:  Learn More
Porsche 911® Oil Line Return, Thermostat To Front Oil Cooler 1984-1989 Part # P901704
Best Quality Replacement Oil Line For Porsche® Genuine Porsche® Part Correct Size End Fittings Correct Crimped Ends As Necessary Runs From Oil Cooler Thermostat To Oil Cooler Learn More
$27.99 ea.
Genuine Porsche® Logo Floor Mats, Burgundy Mat & Burgundy Embroidery, For 911®, 1984-1989 Part # P000044801408M
Genuine OE PartGenuine Porsche PartThese deep pile floor mats feature the Porsche® logo prominently embroidered on both front floor mats. Learn More

Was: $129.99 Set

Now: $99.99 Set

Porsche® Oil Line, Oil Pump To Regulator, Right Of Engine,911, 1975-1989 Part # P901698
Best Quality Replacement Oil Line For Porsche® Replaces Genuine Part Exactly Reinforced Hose With Correct End Fittings From RH Engine Side To Oil Pump Learn More
$99.99 ea.
Porsche 911® Clamp, Cam Tower Oil Line Clamp, 1984-1989 Part # P901705
Replace your leaking cam tower lines with OEM lines and keep your engine compartment looking new. Learn More
$2.99 ea.
Porsche B&B Exhaust, Single Inlet With Single Outlet, 3" Oval tip, 911, 1984-1989 Part # P900141
10 Rear Wheel Horsepower 34 lbs. Lighter Than Stock 3" Oval tip  For Factory Exhaust Every component of the B&B Performance Exhaust is hand built, created by skilled craftsman who take immense pride in their work. All components utilize 321 (Turbo) or 304 (Non Turbo) stainless steel, are TIG welded, and are fully polished. Each bend is mandrel bent for maximum flow, and all flanges are at least 3/8" thick to prevent exhaust leaks. All systems are designed for performance, looks, and sound quality. The driving force behind B&B is Indy car driver Billy Boat, who makes sure the B&B system is worthy of your Stuttgart stormer.     Learn More
$929.99 Set
Original Chain Tensioners, For Porsche®, 1984 -1989 Part # P906936
Replacing chain tensioners is a fairly common repair on 911/930s. Upgrading to oil-pressure-fed chain tensioners will help eliminate the possibility of failure and engine damage. When replacing or updating your chain tensioners, take the opportunity to check and adjust your cam timing for optimum performance. Factory specs will give you a plus or minus tolerance. It pays to have patience and adjust it exactly to the specs, especially from left to right cam. You will notice better throttle response and power with spot-on timing. Learn More
$326.99 ea.
Porsche 911® Bolt, Cam Tower Oil Line Clamp Bolt, 1984-1989 Part # P912025
Genuine OE PartGenuine Porsche PartReplace your leaking cam tower lines with OEM lines and keep your engine compartment looking new. Learn More
$1.99 ea.
Porsche 911® Bracket, Cam Tower Oil Line, Left Bracket (Solid), 1984-1994 Part # P901691
Replace your leaking cam tower lines with OEM lines and keep your engine compartment looking new. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
Porsche 911® Oil Line, 930 Engine To Front Oil Cooler Thermostat 1984-1989 Part # P901699
Best Quality Replacement Oil Line For Porsche® Replaces Genuine Part Exactly Reinforced Hose With Correct End Fittings From Engine To Front Oil Cooler Thermostat   Learn More
$79.99 ea.
Header System, B&B, 1-3/4" With Heat Exchangers, For 911® Porsche®, 1984-1989 Part # P900173
22 Rear Wheel Horsepower Porsche Performance Sound 3" Oval or 4.5" Over Tips Single or Twin Outlets Available Whether it's a richer, robust muffler set for the street or a complete race system for the track, B&B has the quality exhaust components for your Porsche®. Exhaust & Header Sold Separately Learn More

Was: $1,688.95 ea.

Now: $1,399.99 ea.

Porsche 911/930 Fan Housing, 1984-1989 Part # 65-10694
Reproduction of Original Improved Machining Powdercoated Learn More
$549.99 ea.
Porsche® 930 Turbo Carrera Transmission, Clutch, Flywheel, 1984-1986 Part # P906226
The flywheel has essentially three functions in your engine. First, it is used to balance the rotating mass of the crankshaft and pistons. Second to provide the starter with a gear to rotate the engine when you are starting the car. Third, it is used to provide the clutch disc with a surface to catch to, thereby transferring power from the engine, through the clutch assembly then out to the transmission. Over time, flywheels can come out of round, due to wear and age. If you need a new flywheel, we here at Automotion® can provide you with a new unit. Also, whenever you remove the flywheel, always replace the flywheel bolts for extra insurance. Learn More

Was: $469.99 ea.

Now: $439.99 ea.

Porsche® 911 Rear Deck Mat, Double Emblem, 1984-1989 Part # P915000
Premium Construction Factory Matched Colors Non-Fraying Velour Edging Non-Slip Rubber Backing   Protect your Porsche® with custom Lloyd Deck Mats. Constructed of the highest quality materials, these mats are officially licensed to include your choice of one or two Porsche® emblems. A full 5/16-inch pile height and premium construction ensures a lush look and feel along with functionality. All Lloyd Mats include a two year warranty. Please note: All Lloyd Mats are special order items and may not be returned for credit. We recommend ordering a free color sample swatch before placing your order. Please allow 7-12 business days to receive your order from the date of purchase.   Learn More
$124.99 ea.
Heat Exchanger, Single Inlet, Left or Right (Stainless Steel) For Porsche®, 1984-1989, 1984 Part # P911829
OEM Style Quality Replacement Made In Europe Of The Finest Stainless Steel Direct Interchange With Original Units Fits Driver's Or Passenger's Side Original style heat exchangers made of stainless steel for faster heater and defroster action and the ultimate in durability.   Learn More
$649.99 ea.
Dansk Original Style Muffler, Silver Stainless, For 930 Euro Porsche®, 1984-1989 Part # P911174
Top Quality Made By Dansk In Denmark If you like to keep the original look and sound of your vehicle, these O.E.M style mufflers are the way to go. Perfect for restoration, your vehicle will not only look like new but also sound like new! Learn More
$1,199.99 ea.
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