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Engine Thermostats and Housings for 1986 Porsche 928 S

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1986 PORSCHE 928 S

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Category: 'Engine Thermostats and Housings'
Vehicle: '1986 PORSCHE 928 S'

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Standard Temperature Thermo Switch, For Porsche®, 1976-1986 Part # P924481
Protect Engine In Stop-And-Go Traffic Lowers Engine Temperature Sooner   Learn More
$11.99 ea.

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Thermostat, Stock Thermostat (83°C/180° F), For Porsche®, 1978-1995 Part # P928310
Best Quality Replacement Thermostat For Porsche® Replaces Genuine Part Exactly Meets Or Exceeds Original Porsche® Performance Standards Thermostats are the main cause of cooling system failure. They will malfunction by staying closed which allows your Porsche to overheat. If you have no leaks and the radiator was full before your Porsche overheated, it is time to check the thermostat. Learn More
$15.99 ea.

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Thermostat Seal,Inner Thermostat Housing, For 928 Porsche® , 1983-1995 Part # P904028
Best Quality Replacement Thermostat Seal For Porsche 928® For Inner Thermostat Housing Learn More

Was: $12.99 ea.

Now: $9.99 ea.

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Seal Ring, Temperature Sensor, For 928 Porsche®®, 1978-1995 Part # P904026
Genuine Porsche Part Stock OE Replacement Aluminum 14 x 18 x 1.5mm Learn More
$0.99 ea.

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Sensor, Water Temperature, For 928 Porsche®, 1985-1995 Part # P904050
The engine water coolant temperature sensor is a sensor that monitors the internal temperature of the engine. Coolant inside the engine block and cylinder heads absorbs heat from the cylinder heads when the engine is running. This sensor detects the change in temperature and signals the computer (PCM) so it can tell if the engine is cold, warming up at normal operating temperature or overheating. The water coolant temperature sensor is extremely important because the sensor’s input to the PCM affects the operating of the entire engine management system. Replacing this sensor would ensure an accurate temperature reading. Learn More
$12.99 ea.

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Porsche® 928/944/968 Temperature Sensor, 1978-1995 Part # P903762
Quality Replacement Part Replaces Porsche Part Number 928.606.201.01   Here at Ecklers Automotion we know your Porsche is your pride and joy, and we know you want to keep it looking good and performing at its best. To help you out with that we offer OE quality parts at prices much lower than the dealership. We carry a huge selection ranging from lug nuts to weatherstrip to exhaust systems, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for general parts for to keep up on your maintenance or some go-fast goodies for your weekend warrior, give Ecklers Automotion a call. Learn More
$44.99 ea.

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Switch, Expansion Tank Pressure, For 928 Porsche®, 1983-1995 Part # P904053
Genuine Porsche Part Stock Replacement Your cooling system performs a critical function by maintaining a proper engine temperature by circulating coolant through the engine to pick up heat and passing it through a radiator to cool it with air. Replacing the expansion tank pressure switch will insure a cool running engine. Learn More
$79.99 ea.

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