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Starters for 1987 Porsche 944 S

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1987 PORSCHE 944 S

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Vehicle: '1987 PORSCHE 944 S'

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Porsche® 924/944 Starter, Bosch Rebuilt, 1980-1991 Part # P906870
  Car starter motors have to deliver loads of torque for cranking vehicle engines in all weather conditions. In cold weather, battery drain and oil viscosity take their toll on the starter motor. In hot weather, heat can lock a starter up. Either way, you won’t go very far if your starter motor decides to give up. We offer the solution to your starter problem with a selection of Bosch factory rebuilt starter for your Porsche®.   Learn More
$169.99 ea.

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Porsche® 924/944 Solenoid 924S, Turbo, 1980-1989 Part # P912224
When your Porsche does not feel like starting, this could be a sign of a bad solenoid. Not to worry, we have the answer. If it is just the solenoid going bad, save money with our replacement solenoids instead of paying for a complete starter. Learn More
$59.99 ea.

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