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Porsche® Engine Oil Drain Plug Gasket, 1965-2005 Part # P944216
Quality Replacement (Aluminum) Multiple Use This common aluminum ring is used on drain plugs, fans switches, etc. Learn More
$0.99 ea.
Oil Filter For Porsche® Part # MS-1758
OEM Quality Replacement Filters Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specifications Quality Replacement oil filters for most Porsche applications. Oil is the life-blood of any engine and regular changes and filter replacements keep your Porsche running and performing its best. Purchase a couple of extra filters from Performance Products today to keep handy for future oil changes. NOTE: When changing your oil filter, inspect the filter to insure the rubber ring is intact on the old filter. If it is not present, it could still be stuck to the mounting surface. Failure to inspect could result in two gaskets being installed which allows the oil to be pumped out of the engine at an extremely high rate. Learn More
Porsche® 911/924/928/944/968 Drain Plug Seal, 1980-1995 Part # P910273
6-Piece Set The aluminum crush washer must be replaced each and every time you change your oil. Save with our handy 6-pack. Learn More
$1.99 Set
Porsche® 911/928/944/968 Oil Drain Plug, 1983-1998 Part # P903140
Note: Oil drain plugs use soft metals such as aluminum or copper to create a good seal. In order to prevent an oil drip after oil drain, it is necessary to replace the gasket. For oil drain plug gaskets, see Aluminum and Copper Gaskets. Learn More
$8.99 ea.
Oil Cap, For Porsche®, 1979-1995 Part # P903924
Best Quality Replacement Oil Filler Cap For Porsche® Genuine Porsche® Part Yellow Plastic Threaded Cap With O-Ring Seal Learn More
$12.99 ea.
Porsche® Oil Cooler Thermostat, 1955-2005 Part # P910601
Protect your expensive auxiliary oil cooler. An early morning surge of cold, thick oil can actually burst an auxiliary oil cooler. But regulating the flow of oil with a thermostat prevents this damage. Our thermostat opens at about 170 F and is threaded for 12AN (") fittings. The mounting bracket is included. For Deluxe Auxiliary Oil Coolers. Learn More
$179.99 ea.
Porsche B&B Oil Cooler Fan Kit 1965-2009 Part # P909590
Kit Includes Fan, Switch, and Thermostat The B&B Front Fender Mount Oil Cooler is a great Upgrade to the Trombone Style cooler on the 74-83 911"s or when more oil cooling is needed on late models with the Radiator Style coolers. For those times when you need extra cooling capacity, couple the fender mount cooler with the optional fan kit. Whether it's on the track or in traffic, this B&B fan kit from Automotion is the perfect addition to the fender mounted cooler. Learn More
$279.99 Kit
Porsche® 911/928/944/968 Engine Oil Drain Valve, 1978-1995 Part # P903143
Handy Valve Puts An End To Messy Oil Changes Quick-Release On/Off Valve Changing oil used to be a messy job dropped drain plugs and hot oil running down your arm. Thats all in the past. Now all you do is release the safety catch and press the lever; the oil drains neatly in seconds, without a mess. The stainless steel valve parts work even in the worst weather and are unaffected by road salts. Approved by world auto manufacturers. Recommended by happy home mechanics. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Porsche® Oil Coolers, Deluxe Auxiliary, 19-Row Cooler 12AN(¾") 1955-2005 Part # P910599
Reduce the danger of excessive engine heat with an auxiliary oil cooler. Actually designed to perform as an oil radiator, rather than an inefficient tube-fin cooler, our coolers are some of the best in the world. They're used by top IMSA and CART drivers. All coolers come with AN fittings for oil line attachment. Learn More

Was: $229.99 ea.

Now: $199.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/928/944/968 Oil Filter, Magnetic, BPXF, 1978- Part # P915793
Magnetic Oil Filter: Bypass Parallel Cross-Flow (BPXF) Reduces Engine Wear Easy Installation & Maintenance  Provides Access to Lubrication System Wear happens! Damaging ferrous debris smaller than 20 microns pass through full-flow filters. This patented Weltmeister BPXF filter diverts a small amount of motor oil through a chamber, where it flows directly over Neodymium magnets fitted with flux caps. Filter placement between the engine or oil tank and spin-on oil filter ensures that captured debris is held in a quiet zone, away from oil surges that can cause wash-off and potential for re-injection of captured debris. The added hydraulic port can be used for the easy and quick installation of gauges, a bypass filter, or for oil sampling, etc. Installs quickly, easy to open and maintenance consists of cleaning about every 25,000 miles. No moving parts and it is portable if used in similar vehicles. Available for most Porsche's with a spin-on oil filter. Learn More
$79.99 Kit
Porsche® 928 Engine, Oil Pump Gear, 1983-1995 Part # P909349
Genuine Porsche® Part Oil Pump Drive Gear   Is your oil pump a little worn? Not getting that fuel pressure that you wanted? Replace it with a new one and leave your worries behind. Also make sure that you replace all the seals and sleeves that are required to mount the pump whenever you perform a replacement. Learn More
$89.99 ea.
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