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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Sensors'
Vehicle: '1989 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA'

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Porsche® Lambda Oxygen Sensor, 1976-2005 Part # MS-1670
  High Quality Replacement Faster Warm Ups In Cold Weather Reduces Excess Fuel Consumption Minimizes High Hydrocarbon Emissions   Corrects Drivability Problems Like Surging Or Hesitation Required In Most States In Order To Pass Emissions Testing     The Oxygen Sensor, also known as the O2 sensor, is located near the catalytic converter and measures the amount of unburned oxygen in your engine's exhaust. Based on the amount of oxygen, it sends a signal to your engine computer which then adjusts the air/fuel mixture for optimum engine performance and emission control. A faulty O2 sensor in your Porsche can lead to excess fuel consumption, drivability problems and even catalytic converter failure. If your service light is on, it maybe time to get your O2 sensors checked or replaced. Correctly operating O2 sensors are a must for a healthy Porsche, in some states it’s even required in order to pass emissions testing.   Learn More
Head Sensor, For 911® Carrera Porsche®, 1984-1989 Part # P901498
Are you experiencing poor acceleration, decreased gas mileage or hot starting problems? The source may be your Head Temperature Sensor. Replace it before improper fuel mixture causes damage to other expensive fuel injection components. Learn More
$89.99 ea.
Porsche Engine Position Sensor, 911, 1984-1989 Part # 65-11088
2 Required Bosh (Same As OEM) Replace your faulty engine position sensor and get that 911 back on the road! Automotion offers this high quality Bosh replacement at a good price. Learn More
$159.99 ea.


Throttle Valve Switch, For 911® Carrera Porsche®, 1984-1989 Part # P909674
Tech Tip: Lack of input from throttle switch to control unit could be causing poor throttle response. New Bosch factory units. Learn More

Was: $95.99 ea.

Now: $89.99 ea.
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