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Porsche® 356/911/912/914 Pedal Pad, Brake/Clutch, 1948-1998 Part # P902398
Your Porsche® missing its brake or clutch pad or your original is frayed and worn.  Now's the time to change that old worn unit with a high quality replacement from Automotion®.  This pad is made to original Porsche® specifications using modern manufacturing techniques with the highest quality materials which make such a difference you can feel it. Replacing a worn or missing pad with a new unit is not only a good cosmetic choice, but a critical safety item for a proper shoe to pad contact point.  Automotion® knows there is no  substitution for quality when it comes to safety. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
Clutch Disc For Porsche® Part # MS-1738
Quality Discs Available For Most Applications OEM, Performance And Aftermarket Manufacturers Clutch slipping in your Porsche? Performance Products brings you quality replacement clutch discs. Choose from major aftermarket manufacturers such as Centerforce or OEM manufacturer Sachs. Learn More
Porsche® 911/912/914 Transmission, Clutch, Accelerator Linkage Bushing, 1965-1998 Part # P910240
Replace Your Pins And Bushing Clevis When Installing A New Clutch Cable   The throttle linkage takes a lot of abuse, especially for 911 owners. Make sure that yours is in tip-top condition by replacing the small parts that have a tendency to wear out over the years. One of the main causes of a sticking throttle is worn bushings or even a worn ball either on the pull rod or the shaft lever. Learn More

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Now: $1.99 ea.
Porsche® 911 Accelerator Rod Support Bushing, 1970-1989 Part # 65-10212
High Quality Replacement For Standard Transmission 3 Required Replace your gas pedal support bushing with this high quality reproduction part by Automotion. Learn More
$8.99 ea.
Porsche® 911 Transmission, Clutch, Release Fork Kit, 1987-1998 Part # P911066
G50 Transmission Sticking Or Erratic Clutch Pedal? Prevent PriceyTransmission Failures   Is your clutch pedal sticking or erratic? These cars had weak needle bearings on the clutch release shaft. Your clutchs erratic and stiff clutch operation will be followed by total failure. Now you can fix your transmission with our economy kit, which includes new solid friction bearings, a new shaft, and instructions. Update your 1987-89 911 transmissions with this inexpensive Fix-It-Kit. Our all-inclusive kit does away with all of the poorly designed parts and simply and effectively fixes the problem. Transmission removal is necessary, but there is no machining or expensive tools required. Learn More

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Dual Friction Clutch Set For Porsche® Part # MS-1736
Performance Upgrade Perfect For High Horsepower Applications Includes Pressure Plate And Clutch Disc Throwout Bearing Sold Separately Having trouble with the clutch in your Porsche? Too much horsepower and the clutch slipping? Performance Products has the answer for you with brand-new Centerforce dual friction clutch sets. With 90% more torque capacity and sequentially matched pressure plate and clutch disc, Centerforce will provide greater performance without a huge increase in pedal effort. Learn More
Porsche® 911 Transmission, Clutch, Release Fork, 1987-2012 Part # P908108
Best Quality Clutch Fork For Porsche® Genuine Porsche® Part Hardened Steel   Replace your clutch release fork if it shows signs of wear, or of cracking under stress. Learn More
$239.99 ea.
Porsche® 911 Transmission, Clutch, Bearing Guide Tube, 1987-2010 Part # P901743
This is the guide tube that the throw out bearing is placed on. This should be replaced if significant wear is seen from the throw out bearing binding on it. Replacement of this part is cheap insurance against having to do another clutch job. Learn More

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