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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Radiator Hoses'
Vehicle: '1989 PORSCHE 928 S4'

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Fuel Hose, 7mm ID x 3.0, Smooth Fits Multi. Applications and Cars, 5 Meter Roll Part # P904298
Sold As A 5 Meter Roll Working pressure is 215 PSI, Test pressure is 430 PSI, Burst pressure is 850 PSI. Deteriorated fuel or vacuum lines can leave you stranded. Lines are easily replaced with common hand tools. All hoses are sold in pre-cut 1-meter lengths. Bulk hose lengths not available. Learn More
$59.99 rl.
Upper Radiator, Hose, For 928 Porsche®, 1978-1995 Part # P904032
Best Quality Replacement Upper Radiator Hose For Porsche 928® Replaces Genuine Part Exactly Correct Bends Correct Inlet & Outlet Sizes Learn More

Was: $24.99 ea.

Now: $19.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/928 Cooling System, Hose, Warm Up Regulator, 1971-1995 Part # P904055
Genuine Porsche® Part Rubber Hose 8 x 14   The warm-up regulator supplies extra fuel to the car to allow it to warm up under the proper mixture conditions. If your car is having trouble starting and running during warm-up, it may be time to replace the regulator. It is important to keep in mind that the warm-up regulator controls fuel pressure all of the time - even when the car is running and warm. Learn More

Was: $31.99 ea.

Now: $29.99 ea.
Hose, Radiator, Overflow To Fitting, For 928 Porsche®, 1984-1995 Part # P904038
Best Quality Replacement Coolant Overflow Hose For Porsche 928® Replaces Genuine Part Exactly Connects Fitting To Radiator Overflow Learn More
$27.99 ea.
Coolant Hose For Porsche® 928, From Regulator Housing To Expansion Tank, 1987-1995 Part # P904036
Best Quality Replacement Coolant Hose For Porsche 928® Replaces Genuine Part Exactly Connects Regulator Housing To Expansion Tank Learn More
$21.99 ea.
Radiator, Hose, Lower Radiator, To Thermostat Housing, For 928 Porsche® , 1987-1995 Part # P904034
Best Quality Lower Radiator Hose For Porsche 928® Reinforced Hose With Correct Bends Runs From Lower Radiator To Thermostat Housing Learn More
$19.99 ea.
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