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Porsche® 356/911/912/914 Pedal Pad, Brake/Clutch, 1948-1998 Part # P902398
Your Porsche® missing its brake or clutch pad or your original is frayed and worn.  Now's the time to change that old worn unit with a high quality replacement from Automotion®.  This pad is made to original Porsche® specifications using modern manufacturing techniques with the highest quality materials which make such a difference you can feel it. Replacing a worn or missing pad with a new unit is not only a good cosmetic choice, but a critical safety item for a proper shoe to pad contact point.  Automotion® knows there is no  substitution for quality when it comes to safety. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/928/968/Boxster Transmission, Axle, Rear, Sure-Grip Boot Kit, 1985-2004 Part # P910681
Repairing/replacing CV joints is a messy job. We think you should start with our long-lasting CV boots, attached with our Sure-Grip, narrow-band boot clamps to insure a proper seal. Our kits also includes the grease. When using our Sure-Grip CV kits, you must also buy the CV clamps pliers Part # P910677 to tightly snug down the clamps. These special pliers take the work out of securing CV boots so they last and don't leak. Note: CV gaskets not included. Learn More

Was: $16.99 ea.

Now: $14.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/912/914 Transmission, Clutch, Accelerator Linkage Bushing, 1965-1998 Part # P910240
Replace Your Pins And Bushing Clevis When Installing A New Clutch Cable   The throttle linkage takes a lot of abuse, especially for 911 owners. Make sure that yours is in tip-top condition by replacing the small parts that have a tendency to wear out over the years. One of the main causes of a sticking throttle is worn bushings or even a worn ball either on the pull rod or the shaft lever. Learn More

Was: $2.99 ea.

Now: $1.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/928 Transmission, Axle Joint Bolt, 1985-1995 Part # P909273
Genuine Porsche® Part 10 x 50mm   Anytime you remove the drive shafts from your Porsche® you should replace the CV Joint Bolts. Learn More
$1.99 ea.
Porsche® Transmission, Clutch, Flywheel, Pilot Bearing, 1948-2008 Part # P928270
This bearing acts as a guide for the drive shaft of the transmission.  On the early cars, the flywheel pilot bearing needs to be carefullu pressed into the flywheel.  Beginning in 1980 Porsche® installed a new type of pilot bearing that included a thick metal housing around the outside.  This pilot bearing is mounted directly to the crankshaft.  Every complete clutch job should include a replacement of this flywheel bearing.  Pilot bearing failure can lead to significant damage to the transmission input shaft. Learn More
$7.99 ea.
Porsche® 911 Transmission, Clutch, Release Fork, 1987-2012 Part # P908108
Best Quality Clutch Fork For Porsche® Genuine Porsche® Part Hardened Steel   Replace your clutch release fork if it shows signs of wear, or of cracking under stress. Learn More
$239.99 ea.
Porsche® 911 Transmission, Main Shaft Seal, 1987-2011 Part # P914613
Stock OE Replacement Input Shaft Seal For G-50 Transmission Installation of flywheel and pulley seals are made easier with Oil Seal Installers found in the Tool Section. Tech Tip: Never install a seal dry; add a thin film of oil on lip. Learn More
$14.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/968 Clutch, Flywheel Bolt, 1990-2011 Part # 65-10681
Quality Restoration Part Sold Each W/ Dual Mass Flywheel When you replace your clutch on your Porsche, don't forget to replace the bolts! Learn More
$2.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/Boxster Transmission, Axle, Rear, Drive Shaft Joint Kit, 1985-2005 Part # P910683
Sold per Each   Are your CV joints a bit worn? Are they groaning like your stomach after a long day working on the car? Replace them with a set of new ones, and avoid messy breakdowns when they fail. Learn More

Was: $85.99 ea.

Now: $79.99 ea.
Porsche® 911 Transmission, Clutch, Bearing Guide Tube, 1987-2010 Part # P901743
This is the guide tube that the throw out bearing is placed on. This should be replaced if significant wear is seen from the throw out bearing binding on it. Replacement of this part is cheap insurance against having to do another clutch job. Learn More

Was: $68.99 ea.

Now: $64.99 ea.
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