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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Performance'
Vehicle: '1997 PORSCHE BOXSTER'
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K&N Filter Oil and Cleaner Kits, Recharger Kit Part # 88-0356-2
K&N Filters come pre-oiled, but when its time to clean them, you'll need both the cleaner and the oil. Simply spray the cleaner on and rinse with water. Once the filter is dry, spray with the oil and reinstall. K&N Recharger Kit comes with complete instructions, 6.5oz. filter oil and 12oz. filter cleaner. Learn More

Was: $12.99 Set

Now: $10.99 Set
Air Filter Cleaner, K&N Part # 88-0357-2
32 oz. Squirt Bottle Cleans and degreases K&N (cotton fabric type) air filter elements. Dissolves oily dirt build-up and washes away with water. Learn More

Was: $11.99 ea.

Now: $9.99 ea.
Powerchip®, Custom Performance Tuning Chip For Porsche®, 1983-2007 Part # MS-1778
For US Spec Cars 10% More Power For Naturally Aspirated Vehicles 23% More Performance For Turbocharged Vehicles Whether you own a new Cayenne Twin Turbo or a 15-year-old 944, Powerchip custom tuning can add up to 10% more power for naturally aspirated vehicles and up to 23% more performance for turbocharged models. How is this possible? Auto manufacturers like Porsche calibrate their vehicles to accommodate differences in fuel octane, variances in climate and altitude and to survive neglected maintenance. The result is a compromised tuning solution to cover every possible condition and situation. Powerchip caters to real Porsche enthusiasts who use only premium quality fuel and properly maintain their vehicles. By tuning your vehicle to suit a specific fuel octane rating, Powerchip can unlock your Porsches full power potential. Two levels of tuning are offered: Gold 91 (for 91 or 92 octane fuel) and Gold 93 (for 93 octane and higher), so check to see what grade of fuel is available in your area, and choose the best upgrade for you. Learn More
Sealing Grease, K&N Part # 88-0355-2
6 oz. Squeeze Tube Provides an airtight fit around filter sealing surfaces. Learn More

Was: $11.99 ea.

Now: $9.99 ea.
Porsche 911®/Boxster®/Cayman® 50'Optional Extension 1997-2008 Part # P916092
This Is Only The Cable  For more than two decades, FVD-Brombacher has been setting the standard for Porsche® engine management software tuning. Until recently though, software tuning has meant the removal of the ECU from the vehicle. This is no longer necessary! FVD-Brombacher is proud to introduce our new flash load ECU upgrade, making do-it-yourself at home ECU tuning for all late model Porsche vehicles a reality. Our Windows® based software is a simple, computer guided experience that requires hardly any user input and little more than a computer with an internet connection. Our proprietary programming allows users to input performance upgrades already installed on the vehicle, enabling FVD-Brombacher to custom tune a program to suit individual requirements. Customers also have the ability to flash their ECU back to original programming anytime using the same software and supplied cable (3 Ft.). Whether your vehicle is completely stock or heavily modified, FVD-Brombacher has a program for you! FVD-Brombacher: Power with piece of mind. Learn More

Was: $97.99 ea.

Now: $89.99 ea.
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