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Porsche® 911/928/968/Boxster Transmission, Axle, Rear, Sure-Grip Boot Kit, 1985-2004 Part # P910681
Repairing/replacing CV joints is a messy job. We think you should start with our long-lasting CV boots, attached with our Sure-Grip, narrow-band boot clamps to insure a proper seal. Our kits also includes the grease. When using our Sure-Grip CV kits, you must also buy the CV clamps pliers Part # P910677 to tightly snug down the clamps. These special pliers take the work out of securing CV boots so they last and don't leak. Note: CV gaskets not included. Learn More

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Clutch Disc For Porsche® Part # MS-1738
Quality Discs Available For Most Applications OEM, Performance And Aftermarket Manufacturers Clutch slipping in your Porsche? Performance Products brings you quality replacement clutch discs. Choose from major aftermarket manufacturers such as Centerforce or OEM manufacturer Sachs. Learn More
Clutch Super Sets For Porsche® Part # MS-1737
OEM Style Quality Replacement Perfect For Street Driven Applications Includes Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate And Throwout Bearing Includes Special Grease Clutch slipping in your Porsche? Performance Products brings you a qualtiy Sachs replacement clutch super set for your street driven Porsche. A solid value for the discerning Porsche owner. Learn More
Porsche® Transmission, Axle, Rear, Boot Clamp, 1965-2004 Part # P916387
Original Porsche® Part   When you are replacing your axle boots, don't forget about the clamps! These clamps are the original equipment clamp, Automotion® wants to ensure your Porsche® is restored  with the best parts in the market!   Learn More
$5.99 ea.
Short Shift Kit, B&M, 996/997/Boxster®/Cayman™ For Porsche® Part # P911811
Billet Aluminum Pivot Housing With Bearing Direct Bolt On Installation Stainless Steel Stick Teflon Pivot Bushings Shift Throw Reduced up to 35% For Quicker Shifts B&Ms short throw manual shifter is CAD designed and engineered to be direct bolt-in replacement. The only tools needed to install it are simple hand tools! Working with some of the top racers, B&M engineers took what they learned in the real world racing environment and designed a professional grade shifter. By designing in key features, such as, a billet aluminum pivot housing, brass inserts and Teflon pivot bushings make these shifters the absolute best you can buy. The CNC machined 303 stainless steel stick provides the best leverage and reduces shift throw up to 35%. Fit 5 or 6 speed cars. Learn More
$299.99 Kit
Clutch Pressure Plate For Porsche® Part # MS-1739
Quality Pressure Plates Available For Most Applications From OEM Manufacturer SACHS Clutch slipping in your Porsche? Lots of shudder when letting off the clutch pedal? Performance Products brings you quality replacement clutch pressure plates to help keep your Porsche performing its best. Learn More

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AASCO Billet-Aluminum Flywheel for Porsche. Flywheel is 13lbs. which is a 50% reduction Part # P106412
Light-weight for improved performance and drastically reduced M.O.I Optimized for normal street use for every day performance enthusiasts Replaceable Heat Shield (friction surface), no need to ever surface the flywheel Direct OEM Replacement so Stock and Aftermarket clutches bolt right on for easy install Stepped dowel pins so they are held captive by the clutch cover Only grade 8 aerospace quality fasteners, and OEM quality starter ring gears CAD designed/ CNC machined in house for the ultimate in quality control Highest tolerance manufacturing to insure complete quality control 100% Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A One year limited warranty on production components The Porsche carriage is an ideal candidate for a light-weight flywheel performance upgrade. The engine placement and power to weight ratio allows for increased throttle response from the engine and directly down to the wheels. Aasco has over 30 years experience in Porsche Performance in racing and manufacturing Upgrading to a lightweight aluminum flywheel from Aasco Motorsports will quicken your throttle response and increase the performance of your Porsche! AAsco flywheels feature CAD-designed/CNC-machined construction from of 6061-T6 aluminum and a replaceable heat-treated steel friction surface. Use them with a stock OEM clutch disk for normal street driving or upgrade to a more aggressive kit for the track. Aasco flywheels have been tested to withstand normal everyday use and do not require your ECU to be reprogrammed. NOTE: Aasco Motorsports stands behind all of our products and will always offer free inspection and technical assistance to get you and your car running in perfect order Learn More
$749.99 ea.
Porsche® 968/Boxster Transmission, Main Shaft, Seal, Manual, 1995-2004 Part # P914333
Genuine Porsche® Part Stock OE Replacement For Manual Transmission Only   The Main Shaft seal prevents transmission oil from leaking out the driveshaft into the flywheel/clutch area.   Installation of flywheel and from pulley seals are made easier with Oil Seal Installers found in the Tool Secton. Tech Tip: Never install a seal dry; add a thin film of oil on lip. Learn More

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Porsche® Boxster/Cayman Transmission, Clutch, Release Bearing, 1996-2013 Part # P911793
 You should always replace your old release/throw-out bearing every time that you replace your clutch disc and pressure plate. Learn More
$24.99 ea.
Porsche® Boxster/Caymen Transmission, Axle Shaft Seal, 1997-2013 Part # P914336
Genuine Porsche® Part Stock OE Replacement 45 x 60 x 8mm Manual Transmission Only   Installation of flywheel and pulley seals are made easier with Oil Seal Installers found in the Tool Section. Tech Tip: Never install a seal dry; add a thin film of oil on lip.   Learn More
$5.99 ea.
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