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101 Projects Boxster Part # P916488
Since its introduction in 1997, the Porsche Boxster has earned a reputation as one of the world’s greatest sports cars, as well as a huge, loyal following of devoted drivers. But, however passionate Boxster owners may be, they all will inevitably confront the job of modifying their cars. This book is aimed at those owners of Boxsters who want to improve their machines while avoiding thousands of dollars in mechanic’s costs. Clearly and simply written, with straightforward illustrations, this manual offers 101 projects to help you modify, maintain, and enhance your Porsche. Focusing on the 986 and 987 Boxster models, 101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster presents all the necessary knowledge, associated costs, and pitfalls to avoid when performing an wide array of weekend projects. In a word, it makes owning a Porsche Boxster an unqualified thrill. Learn More

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Book, Porsche® 911® Buyers Guide For Porsche® Part # P913210
With the Porsche 911 Buyer's Guide, author Randy Leffingwell has created the most comprehensive resource ever available to guide you through the potential pitfalls of purchasing one of these fabulous automobiles. This year-by-year guide will help you select the model and year that is best for you, which features you need and which to avoid, and what flaws to watch out for. 252 pages, softbound, color throughout. Learn More
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Porsche 356 Owner's Workshop Manual Part # 65-10658
168 Pages Covers engine, fuel, cooling system, ignition, clutch, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, electric, body-work, wiring, maintenance and over-haul, and technical data. Covers all models 1957-65. Learn More
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Porsche Origin Of The Species Book Part # 65-10589
Hard Cover 356 Pages 436 Photos and Illustrations ISBN: 978-0-8376-1331-4 Within Jerry Seinfeld's renowned Porsche collection resides an unassuming yet extraordinary piece of Porsche history: Porsche Gmnd coupe 356/2-040. Captured exclusively for this book in a series of evocative portraits by acclaimed automotive photographer Michael Furman, 040's unsullied originality conveys with startling immediacy the combination of artistry, innovation and determination that went into its improbable creation. This cornerstone of the Seinfeld collection serves as the inspiration for Porsche-Origin of the Species, an in-depth exploration by the eminent automotive historian Karl Ludvigsen into the specific influences and circumstances that brought forth the first Porsche-badged sports cars. Learn More
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Porsche 928 Road & Track Portfolio 1977-1994 Book Part # 65-10655
128 Pages Articles from leading enthusiast magazines covering road tests, new model reports, comparisons, performance data, technical analysis, specifications and track tests. For the serious enthusiasts, the Portfolio Series is an excellent reference for collecting, restoring or buying the car of your dreams, Thos. L Bryant, Editor-in-Chief, Road & Track. Learn More
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Book, Ferdinand Porsche - Genesis of Genius Part # P916405
Now available!!!! In Ferdinand Porsche - Genesis of Genius, author Karl Ludvigsen reveals a dynamic young innovator who helped to chart the course of the automobile through the first decades of the twentieth century. As early as 1900, at the age of 25, Ferdinand Porsche pioneered hybrid technology to power his automobile designs. Once gasoline gained dominance as the power-source of choice, Porsche became relentless in his goal to design the fastest and most durable automobiles in Europe. Porsche's engineering brilliance did not stop at the automobile. He also made significant contributions to the early development of airplane engines and military transport vehicles. And in addition to his hands-on style of engineering, Ferdinand Porsche was a tireless managing executive in the automotive industry. Ferdinand Porsche - Genesis of Genius explores in depth the unique combination of ambition, determination and genius that were the genesis of an automotive dynasty which has continued to thrive and expand for over a century. Learn More
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Porsche 911 1965-1969 Book Part # 65-10657
100 Pages The first entirely new Porsche in 16 years. The body of the 911 was completely new yet unmistakably Porsche. It came with disc brakes all round and a 5-speed manual gearbox, the engine being an air-cooled flat 6. As a result of racing development the 911S was introduced in 1966 with a net power of 160bhp, Weber carburetors and a top speed of 137mph. American emission laws drove Porsche to develop a mechanical fuel injection system which also gave more power, they called the model 911E. This is a book of contemporary road tests, new model introductions, development history, technical & specification data, long-term tests, driver's impressions. Models covered include:- 911, 911S, 911L, 911E, Sportomatic, Targa. Learn More
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Porsche A History Of Excellence Book Part # P8831001
348 All Color Pages No other sports car has had a run like Porsches, on the street or on the worlds racetracks. This richly illustrated volume tells the story of that fabled marque. Renowned automotive writer and photographer (and Porsche aficionado) Randy Leffingwell focuses his lens on each important model from the first 356 to todays Cayman and 911. His pictures, in-depth analyses of each car and its context, and interviews with key personnel comprise a complete, compelling, and often revealing history of the worlds premier name in sports cars. Learn More

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Ultimate Portfolio Book, For 911® Porsche® Part # P916112
Road test book series containing about 208-220 pages with approximately 400-450 illustrations. The more recent titles are on heavy art paper and have many articles in colour. Learn More
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Book, Porsche® 911® Forever Young For Porsche® Part # P909844
Tobias Aichele. An especially well-researched and extremely extensive work on the Porsche 911. With the aid of previously unpublished material and in-depth interviews, this hardbound book presents the endless 911 history up to the new 993. 389 pages. Learn More
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Ultimate Portfolio Book, For Boxster® Porsche® Part # P916113
Road test book series containing about 208-220 pages with approximately 400-450 illustrations. The more recent titles are on heavy art paper and have many articles in colour. Learn More
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Porsche 356 Ultimate Portfolio Book Part # 65-10656
208 Pages A portfolio of contemporary articles drawn from three continents leads us through the fascinating development of the Porsche 356 - the car that started the Porsche dynasty. Included are road and comparison tests, new model introductions, a road research report, plus full specifications and performance data. Advice is also given on acquiring a pre-owned example. Covered are the A, B, C, S, SC, SS, GS, 1500, 1600, 2L, Carrera, Super, 75, 90, coupe & convertible. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Book, A French Kiss With Death, For Porsche® Part # P910398
This book examines the life of actor Steve McQueen, the films in which he appeared and his love affair with the many cars and motorcycles he owned during his lifetime. The book details the history of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the backgrounds of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lola, Matra, and Porsche leading up to the 1970 Manufacturers Champion Series. Learn More

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Porsche 356:Driving In Its Purest Form Book Part # PBK-840
The Best History Of The Legendary Porsche 356® We've Seen! 264 Pages Tons Of Photos, Drawings, Design Studies And Much, Much More! This Book Is A Must Have For The 356 Restorer Porsche 356: Driving In Its Purest Form has got to be the best history of the 356 ever written. This book traces the 356 from the Type 64 and the wartime VW influence to the production cabriolet and roadster models. Through hundreds of photos and diagrams, you will see developmental history, early design studies, early production shots, all-out competition cars, exploded views, line drawings and production figures. So, if you are nuts about the Porsche 356... Then, Porsche 356: Driving In Its Purest Form is the definitive book for you. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Battle For The Beetle Book Part # P883680
The untold story of the post-war battle for Adolf Hitlers giant Volkswagen factory and the Porsche-designed car that became an icon for generations around the globe. Written by the award winning author of Porsche: Excellence Was Expected. Hardcover, 6-1/8" by 9-1/4"., 440 pages 219 black/white photos and illustrations. Learn More
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