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912 Handbook, For Porsche® Part # P901273
This is the most complete service manual available for the 912 owner. Seventeen chapters and 296 pages cover everything from replacing a crankshaft to installing a new front fender. A bonus extra is a full reprint of the original Porsche 912 Drivers Manual that came with each car. Over 1000 drawings, photographs, charts, data sheets and exploded views. See Spec Books on page 122 for additional information on wear limits, torque specs, body and engine serial numbers vital information for rebuilds and restoration. Learn More

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Book, Solving Bosch CIS Problems Part # P909857
James Weber. Recommended reading for anyone planning to tinker with or repair their Bosch CIS system. Each component from the fuel filter through the flapper valve to the lambda sensor is studied. It covers the purpose of the component, how it relates to other components, its common failures, how to test it and how to service it. For the pro or the home mechanic. Learn More

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356 Porsche® Technical Manual Part # P903677
Over 25 years ago, the Elfrink Porsche Technical Manual was first published and the response from 356 owners was overwhelming. Written at a level the average Porsche owner can understand if he wishes to do his own work. Nineteen sections covering all aspects of Porsche 356 maintenance and repair starting with the engine and proceeding through the fuel system, clutch, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical and lubrication. Also contains 356 engine and chassis numbers plus specifications of the different models. This is the latest edition. Learn More
$24.99 ea.
Body Panel Replacement DVD Part # 88-1041
Discusses Important Safety Issues Door Skins, Full And Partial Panel Installation Setting Panel Gaps Welding Tips And Techniques Hammer and Dolly Techniques Bonding Adhesives And Leading Techniques Demonstrated If you're overwhelmed by a huge restoration job, let this DVD guide you through replacing the sheet metal on your vintage or late mode vehicle. Many different scenarios are discussed and demonstrated in the DVD, includeing welding, adhesives, full and partial panel replacements, rust removal, re-leading original joints, metal finishing, and planning your panel replacement project. From a small patch to a large panel, Body panel replacement shows you how! Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Porsche® Boxster/Boxster S Service Manual, 1997-2004 Part # P915391
If youre looking for better understanding of your Porsche look no further. Enthusiasts, do-it-yourselfers, and professional technicians will appreciate the quality of photos and illustrations, theory of operation, and accurate step-by-step instructions. Over 800 photographs. Learn More
$119.99 ea.
Porsche® Performance Handbook 3rd Edition, For 911® Porsche® Part # P883658
Focusing solely on the air-cooled cars produced from 1963 through early 1998, this third edition of the Porsche® 911® Performance Handbook provides clearly illustrated, easy to follow instructions for making this world-class performance car even better. Noted Porsche® expert Bruce Anderson details performance-enhancing tricks and techniques for engine rebuilds, transmissions, suspension, brakes, wheels and tires, custom treatments, maintenance, and more. Detailed appendices list tune-up specs, conversion charts, handy formulas, and resources. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Book, 911®, 912 Restoration Guide, For Porsche®, 1964-1973 Part # P901275
Describes in detail the technical evolution of, 911/912 Porsche models including body, chassis, trim and interior. Written in a logical, front to back, system-by-system style with index, every component is described and photographed so readers can determine the originality of their particular models. Includes accurate chassis number and color listings. Covers the years 1964-89. Learn More

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944/924S Tune-Up & Maintenance Video, DVD, For Porsche® Part # P883640
Provides detailed coverage on all belt adjustments including timing and balance shaft. Also shows you how to replace spark plugs, air, oil and fuel filters, do a compression test, check fluid levels including transmission, battery, brake fluid, power steering and coolant. 60 min. Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the video tapes we sell can only be used on VHS VCRs that run on US style 60 cycle electronic current. Also available now on DVD Learn More

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101 Projects, For Your Porsche® 911® Book Part # P912803
1965-89 911 Models Have you ever wanted to do your own maintenance and performance upgrades, but were afraid to try? Tired of overpaying your German mechanic simply to perform routine maintenance on your Porsche 911. Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this illustrated manual offers 101 projects that will help you maintain, restore, modify and enhance your 911. Focusing on the 1965-89 models. 101 Projects for your Porsche 911 presents all the knowledge, pitfalls to avoid, and costs associated with performing an array of weekend projects. Presented in a clear, colorful and concise format this book will allow you to quickly determine how each project will improve your 911, what you'll need, how much it will cost, and how to do it step by step. Whether its upgrading your engine or polishing your wheels, Wayne R. Dempsey guides you through the process, giving away endless tips and tricks garnered from years of working on these wonderful German sport cars. With more than 350 full color photographs and 240 pages of never before compiled technical content, 101 Projects for Your Porsche 911 is an invaluable resource for any Porsche 911 owner. Learn More

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Paint Your Own Car DVD Part # 88-1040
Covers A Complete Color Change Paintjob Safety Equipment And Techniques Are Discussed And Demonstrated Dent Repair And Surfacer Techniques How To Avoid Common Costly Mistakes Clear Explanation Of Blocking, Guide Coating, And Sighting Covers Spray Gun Handling and Fundamentals Demonstrates Solvent And Waterborne Basecoat Systems This DVD walks you through a complete paint job, with a color change, all in a home garage environment! training guides for gun technique, rust repair techniques, many time saving tips on blocking and achieving a perfect ground coat are clearly shown in great detail. This DVD shows you how to achieve a perfectly even and glossy paint job the first time you spray. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management Book, For Porsche® Part # P903387
Includes theory, troubleshooting, service and high performance tuning of Bosch fuel injection systems. Motronic, L-Jetronic, LH-Jetronic, KE-Motronic, KE-Jetronic, K-Jetronic, and D-Jetronic systems are covered in detail Learn More
$39.99 ea.
101 Projects Boxster Part # P916488
Since its introduction in 1997, the Porsche Boxster has earned a reputation as one of the world’s greatest sports cars, as well as a huge, loyal following of devoted drivers. But, however passionate Boxster owners may be, they all will inevitably confront the job of modifying their cars. This book is aimed at those owners of Boxsters who want to improve their machines while avoiding thousands of dollars in mechanic’s costs. Clearly and simply written, with straightforward illustrations, this manual offers 101 projects to help you modify, maintain, and enhance your Porsche. Focusing on the 986 and 987 Boxster models, 101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster presents all the necessary knowledge, associated costs, and pitfalls to avoid when performing an wide array of weekend projects. In a word, it makes owning a Porsche Boxster an unqualified thrill. Learn More

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Le Mans Blu-Ray DVD, Re-Mastered New Release Starring Steve McQueen Part # P883750
$26.99 ea.
Metal Preparation And Rust Repair DVD Part # 88-1042
Finish And Paint Removal Chemical Vs. Mechanical Hammer and Dolly Techniques Budget Rust Patch Project Detailed Sealing The Back Side Of A Rust Repair Rust Converters Explained And Demonstrated If you've ever seen you favorite car in a field or junk yard and thought it was "too late" to save it, now you can save it yourself. Rust does not mean the end of a project. This DVD shows you how to revive that rusty panel and create a foundation so you can save that car. Homemade patch panels are inexpensive, and if done correctly, can last the life of the vehicle. This DVD shows you how to do it the right way the first time. Hammer and dolly technique, filler application, blocking and resurfacing your panels, as well as rust conversion are discussed and demonstrated in detail in this presentation. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
911® Porsche® Tune-Up Video, DVD, For Porsche® Part # P883639
This step-by-step instruction video is designed or the first-time owner who is mechanically inclined. The video shows how to set points and timing, replace plugs, service air and fuel systems and adjust valves. Covers terminology, tool usage and proper procedures. Available in VHS while supplies last and DVD format. Learn More

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Book, High-Performance Driving Handbook 2nd Edition, For Porsche® Part # P916238
Porsche High Performance Driving Handbook, 2nd Edition Author: Vic Elford Its been more than a decade since the first Porsche High Performance Driving Handbook set the standard for getting the most out of a Porsche. If driving techniques haven't changed since then, technology definitely has. This book, by the world's foremost expert, takes that new technology into account as it gives readers the latest information on how to drive a Porsche to its limit. Once upon a time, the Can Am and Trans Am race series changed their rules because Vic Elford and his Porsches were winning too often. Here "Quick Vic" shares his insights into ride control systems, new tire compounds, and Tiptronic and Direct-Shift Gearbox transmissions, all of which have transformed the experience--and the challenge--of driving a Porsche. As he discusses recent models, ranging from new generations of the 911 to the whole-cloth inventions of the Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman S and Carrera GT, modern images and historical photos immerse the reader in both the history and the evolving technology that Vic Elford knows like no one else. Learn More

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Book, Porsche 911® Buyers Guide: 2nd Edition Part # P916403
Updated throughout and now covering models to 2009, this second edition of the Porsche 911 Buyers Guide takes a year-by-year approach to what a prospective buyer should look for when evaluating a used 911. For each year, from 1965 to the present, the author examines the problematic areas of each model, what to ask the seller, what the critics said of the car at its release, the cost of replacement parts, and the updates and options available for that model year. 304 pages, softbound. Learn More

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DVD Series, Paintucation Part # 88-1043
A complete restoration guide for paint and body work. With this 5 disc set, you're on your way to restoring your car back to it's glory, saving time and money along the way. A must have for every restoration project! Even if you don't do the work yourself, this series of DVDs will education you so you can ask the right questions of your technician and make informed decisions based on your new knowledge. Learn More
$189.99 ea.
Book, How To Fabricate Automotive Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Parts Part # 88-1800-2
Author: Dan Burrill and Jeffrey Zurschmeide Softbound 8.5 x 11 176 Pages 409 Color Photos ISBN: 9781934709986 Fiberglass and composite parts are commonly used in many collector cars, hot rods, Corvettes, and even latemodel vehicles. Body panels, interior components, and enige parts are fabricated from fiberglass and composite materials (plastic molded or carbon fiber). While other fiberglass and composite material books have been published, few are focused on fabricating and repairing automotive parts, and this book concentrates on completing common and advanced projects at home in the garage. The reader is shown how to use glass strand mat, woven fiberglass cloth, carbon fiber cloth, and hybrid fabrics for particular applications. The strength of these mats and ideal uses are covered in detail. Also shown is how to correctly mix the typical resins (Polyester, epoxy), hardeners, and gels. Core materials such as wood, foam and honeycomb Nomex, are often used to add strength to various parts. All the relevant tools, including mixing containers, holding containers, saws, scissors, files, and shaping tools are discussed. Constructing wood patterns to exacting standards from wood, Formica, aluminum, and other materials is essential and covered in detail. Whether repairing existing components, fabricating new ones, building a race car, or restoring a classic, this is the one book to guide the reader through each critcial stage. Learn More
$29.99 ea.
Bosch Gasoline And Engine Management Book For Porsche® Part # P915782
A brief retrospective of early years in the history of the automobile is followed by a description of principles behind the operation, management and control of a gasoline (spark-ignition) engine. Descriptions of the cylinder-charge control, fuel-injection, ignition, and catalytic emission-control systems provide a comprehensive overview of the control mechanisms which are essential to the operation of a modern gasoline engine. The texts dealing with the Motronic engine-management system illustrate how this is put into practice. Particular emphasis is placed here on the diagnostic functions, which account for the ever more stringent requirements of emission-control legislations. Updated 3rd Edition. Hardcover, 6 3/4 in. x 9 3/8 in. Learn More
$59.95 ea.
Color Sanding & Buffing DVD Part # 88-1039
How To Enhance And Repair Painted Surfaces Colorsanding Surface Defects Sanding, Polishing, And Buffing For A Show-Quality Finish How To Avoid Common Costly Mistakes Not only is this the way to "save" a finish that may have had to be repainted... but it's also a way to get the results that custom builders use to put the final finish on their custom paint jobs. This DVD guides you through the simplest repair, all the way to creating a glasslike reflection in a modern paint system. This is the "other half" of the paint job, and this DVD shows you what to do after the paint is dry! Newly updated, brand new machine finishing techniques are demonstrated, and hundreds of time and money saving tips are given throughout this and other Paintucation DVDs. Do it like the pro's do it and get show quality results the first time. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
CD-ROM, The Porsche® 911® Anthology 1964-2009, For Porsche® Part # P916429
Another incredible CD-ROM from HI-Tech Software. This photographic scrapbook of the world of the legendary 911 contains nearly 600 hundred photos, 30 TV Commercials & videos and much more to guide your tour. Browse the statistics, the colors and the models that made the 911 the favorite of millions of people from all over the world. It comes with the Porsche 911 Anthology Screen Saver. A must have for any Porsche owner or enthusiast! Learn More

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Tune-Up Video DVD For Porsche® 911, 1974-1977 Part # P915170
For The DIYers Easy To Follow & Specific to 1974-1977 Models   Tune your 911 with our fully interactive DVD. Test subjects could set the valves, timing and even air/fuel mixture on a single Saturday.  You’ll be guided through each step of the process by Porsche Master technicians who have over fifty years combined experience re-building and tuning these exquisitely engineered German power plants.  The CONTENT covers all the procedures that will keep a mid years 911 (74-77) operating at peak performance. Teaching points are highly visualized with graphics, animations and video. VALVE TRAIN THEORY- If this concept has alluded you, the animation will help you see the light TOOLS NEEDED- What you need and where to get them OIL CHANGE- The differences between draining and replacing the oil in a normal car and an air cooled machine. VALVE ADJUSTMENT- Extreme close-ups of feeler gauges and where they go; the torque settings and gaskets and nuts that need to be replaced.      IGNITION PARTS REPLACEMENT- The whys and hows of replacing plugs, rotor and   distributor cap IGNITON TIMING- Covers hooking up the timing light and how to set the ignition for peak performance FUEL AIR MIXTURE: Contrary to myth, the average person can set the mixture on a 911 with just an inexpensive digital volt meter and a three millimeter allen wrench.   Learn More

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Le Mans DVD, Re-Mastered New Release Starring Steve McQueen Part # P883751
$14.99 ea.
Body Shop Basics DVD Part # 88-1038
Introduction To Autobody Repair Follows A Simple Dent Repair Start To Finish Clear Explanations On Body Repair Fundamentals Runtime: 90 Minutes If you've ever wondered what happens behind the doors of a body shop, here's a peek inside. This DVD walks you through a simple repair, but gives a very detailed explanation of every procedure from inspection to final finish prep. You know a panel gets "sanded... buy why? Renowned auto body and paint master Kevin Tetz explains why, how and with what do you sand! If you're nervous about getting started in the hobby of restoring a car, or want to apprentice in a collision shop, you need this DVD! Kevin Tetz gives advice on troubleshooting, equipment selection, repair and painting techniques, as well as the philosophy behind why things happen in a required order. Body Shop Basics! is a college course on a disc, like all Paintucation DVDs. Add it to your library today! Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Book, Porsche® 911® Buyers Guide For Porsche® Part # P913210
With the Porsche 911 Buyer's Guide, author Randy Leffingwell has created the most comprehensive resource ever available to guide you through the potential pitfalls of purchasing one of these fabulous automobiles. This year-by-year guide will help you select the model and year that is best for you, which features you need and which to avoid, and what flaws to watch out for. 252 pages, softbound, color throughout. Learn More
$15.00 ea.
Winning Autocross Techniques Book, For Porsche® Part # P883657
The first in the Speed Secrets series to address a specific form of racing, this volume focuses on the skills critical to autocross: car handling and driver skill at high speeds on unique courses. Though slower than other motorsports in absolute terms, autocross, with its high number of turns per minute, can chanllenge even the most expert driver. 160pgs. Learn More

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Now: $19.99 ea.
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