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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Body Seals'
Vehicle: '2005 PORSCHE 911-996'
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NGK Copper Spark Plugs, For Porsche® Part # MS-1711
Core center electrode and race proven design, NGK has won wide acceptance among vehicle owners. Wide heat range holds up under all driving conditions. If your engine has a lot of miles and is burning some oil, you can switch to a hotter plug to help burn the oil and keep the spark plug from fouling. Learn More
Porsche® Covercraft UVS 100 Custom Fit Sun Shade Part # MS-1990
Folds For Easy Storage Storage Bag Included Each Shield Is Custom Fitted This premium quality, custom patterned, folding heat shield has a silver reflective fabric on the outer side, soft pellon felt on the inside. Both fabrics are laminated to a foam-core board which acts as an insulator. The silver outside facing fabric helps reflect damaging UV rays that not only heat the inside of your vehicle but also damage the interior. Your steering wheel and seats will be cooler with the use of a Heat Shield! Learn More
Porsche® Spark Plug Tube With O-Rings, Boxster® & 911®, 1997-2005 Part # 65-10095
Includes Viton O-Rings Recommended To Replace When Changing Spark Plugs 6 Required When your are tuning up your 911 or Boxster, or replacing the spark plugs, DON'T forget to replace the spark plug tubes and o-rings. This will ensure a smooth running engine for years to come. Learn More
$4.99 ea.
Porsche® 911, Boxster, Control Arm, 1997-2005 Part # 65-10042
Reproduction Of Original This Porsche reproduction control arm has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit and function will work superbly for your restoration. In addition, using a reproduction control arm from Automotion will add authenticity and value to your Porsche. Learn More

Was: $119.99 ea.

Now: $99.99 ea.

Porsche 911/Boxster IMS Bearing Direct Oil Feed Kit, 2005-2008 Part # 65-11082
Some Early 2005 997 Models May Have Early Style Single Row Bearing The patent-pending Intermediate Shaft Bearing Direct Oil Feed System (DOF) for all MY97-05 M96 and M97 Porsche engines to assist in preventing possible IMS failures by providing the proper lubrication. Included in the Direct Oil Feed kit: -Patent-pending DOF Flange with anti-rust zinc plating -3 micro-encapsulated Porsche bolts -Engine oil port adapter with crush ring -Cam Plugs -3,000psi hydraulic hose -Fitting for hose -Thread locker -Shaft Bolt Nut -Installation instructions (found here online) The direct oil feed (DOF) solution uses a patent pending custom made Intermediate Shaft Flange that utilizes a direct oil feed to the original Intermediate Shaft Bearing. It uses an adapted pressure fed oil line from a positive oil pressure feed on the cylinder head directly to an opening in the custom Intermediate Shaft Flange. This feeds fresh oil directly to the open end of the IMS bearing (after removing the seal to expose the ball bearings on the IMS bearing). By using a positive oil feed from the engine?s cylinder head valve cover, there will always be a consistent flow of oil directed to the open end of the intermediate shaft bearing. This is a cost effective way to help protect against IMS failure, using the original bearing. It is also not nearly as labor intensive as replacing the original bearing with a ceramic bearing. The system, however can also be used when replacing the bearing with an aftermarket ceramic ball bearing version for added insurance. **DOF Kit will lower operating temperature on IMS bearing by about 30 degrees F** NOTE: IF YOU HAVE AN AFTERMARKET BEARING, PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS TO US WHEN ORDERING A KIT. Learn More
$799.99 Kit
Porsche 911 GT3 ECU Upgrade, Flash Load, 2004-2005 Part # P916079
For more than two decades, FVD-Brombacher has been setting the standard for Porsche® engine management software tuning. Until recently though, software tuning has meant the removal of the ECU from the vehicle. This is no longer necessary! FVD-Brombacher is proud to introduce our new flash load ECU upgrade, making do-it-yourself at home ECU tuning for all late model Porsche vehicles a reality. Our Windows® based software is a simple, computer guided experience that requires hardly any user input and little more than a computer with an internet connection. Our proprietary programming allows users to input performance upgrades already installed on the vehicle, enabling FVD-Brombacher to custom tune a program to suit individual requirements. Customers also have the ability to flash their ECU back to original programming anytime using the same software and supplied cable (3 Ft.). Whether your vehicle is completely stock or heavily modified, FVD-Brombacher has a program for you! FVD-Brombacher: Power with piece of mind. Learn More

Was: $1,495.99 ea.

Now: $1,309.99 ea.

Performance Air Boxes, For 996 GT3, 997 GT3, GT3 RS Porsche®, 2004-2008 Part # P915618
Up To 20 Horsepower (Varies By Application) Installs Quickly The Most Cost Effective And Simplest Sound Guaranteed Better Throttle Response Guaranteed These Weltmeister® Airboxes offer refinements to maximize performance. You simply remove your stock airbox and or cover and reuse your stock air filter. You can also use K&N filters. Available in Carbon Fiber Look. CIS cars replaces airbox lid only. Carb and mechanical cars replaces center snorkel only. Learn More
$794.99 ea.
Front Grille Inserts, Black, For GT3/996/997 Porsche®, 2004-2005 Part # P915125
Grille Inserts Preformed 3 piece set in aluminum mesh. Front bumper removal necessary for installation. Professional body shop installation highly recommended. Learn More

Was: $289.99 ea.

Now: $269.99 ea.

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