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Lubro Moly Fuel Injector Cleaner Part # P801500
Cleans Injectors Without Costly Removal Demanded By Europe's Finest Mechanics Restores Performance And Drivability Reduces Exhaust Pollution And Fuel Consumption Imported From Germany   Todays fuel injected vehicle provides you with smooth power, economic performance and easy maintenance. Using Lubro Moly Jectron once a month will keep your injection system deposit free and, used over time, will help reduce component wear. (Treats 20 Gallons) Learn More
$6.99 ea.
Drip-Stop Microfiber Drying Towel Part # 88-1207-1
3-In-1 Premium Microfiber Design 100 Times Finer Than Human Hair Built-In Drip-Spot Detailer Pulls Water From Grille Insert, Mirror Seams, & Body Panels Snag-Free Satin Edging Glides Over Wipers & Emblems Extra Large 6sq ft. (24" X 36") Learn More
$7.99 ea.
Grip Tech Deluxe Cleaning Lug Nut Brush Part # 88-1223-1
Cleans All Sides Of Lug Nut Quickly & Easily Works On All Detailing Areas Of Wheel, Lug Nut-Stem-Rim Fits All Lug Nut Sizes Here is the best of the best in cleaning hand tools. Each Grip Tech Brush uses a patented triangular grip design to promote comfort and enhance function. Flared design and molded ribbing ensure superior grip in dry or wet conditions. Every brush fiber has been selected to match specific use. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
K&N Cartridge and Wrench-Off Oil Filters For Porsche® Part # MS-1759
High Quality Performance Filters Exceeds OEM Specifications Wrench-Off Filters Have A 1" Nut On The End Of The Canister For Easy Removal Quality Replacement K&N Performance oil filters for most Porsche applications. Oil is the life-blood of any engine and regular changes and filter replacements keep your Porsche running and performing its best. Purchase a couple of extra filters from Performance Products today to keep handy for future oil changes. NOTE: When changing your oil filter, inspect the filter to insure the rubber ring is intact on the old filter. If it is not present, it could still be stuck to the mounting surface. Failure to inspect could result in two gaskets being installed which allows the oil to be pumped out of the engine at an extremely high rate. Learn More
Deluxe Interior / Exterior Detail Brush Set Part # 88-1227-1
2-Sided Vent Louver Detailer Dust & Crevice Brush Vent & Seam Detailer Here is the best of the best in cleaning hand tools. Every brush fiber has been selected to match specific use. Learn More
$7.99 Set
Car Cover, CoverKing Stormproof (Outdoor Car Cover) Part # P802889
Not Available With Mirror Pockets Not available for GT2 or GT3 Stormproof is the culmination of decades of research in microfiber technology. Developed specifically for car cover use, Stormproof is totally UNTREATED. Stormproof is INHERENTLY extremely water resistant, fade resistant, and very breathable. Test results show it to be exponentially superior to coated materials. And, because there is no coating to wear off, Stormproof will provide the same protection throughout its life Learn More
$249.99 ea.
Curil Sealants, Curil T, 100 gram For Porsche Part # P883138
Can Not Ship To California Curil is the favorite of many pros. Its made by Elring, the maker of many of the quality gaskets. We recommend Curil for your engine or transmission sealing needs. Curil Excellent for long-term sealing. Dries hard, resists water and petroleum products. Temperature range of -40 degrees C to +180 degrees C. Recommended for paper gaskets and smooth metal surfaces cam cover housings, transmissions, water and fuel pumps. Curil K2 Excellent metal-to-metal sealant. It resists all greases, oils and water. Use this to seal many engine areas.Temperature range of -40 degrees C to +200 degrees C. Its low viscosity makes it ideal for working parts or parts removed regularly. Comes off easily. Curil T Designed for use in high-temperature applications. Non-hardening compound resists synthetic and petroleum products, as well as water. Temperature range of -40 degrees C to +250 degrees C. Recommended for sealing late-model CV joints, turbo exhaust and cylinder gaskets. Dirko Handy elastic sealant that resists most everything except strong acids and solvents. Temperature range of -50 degrees C to +180 degrees C. Its resistance to anti-freeze makes it ideal for water pump and cylinder head areas. Handy for use on rough or porous surfaces. Learn More
$14.99 ea.
3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Part # 88-0273-2
Specially formulated to bond foam and rubber weatherstripping and gaskets to doors, windshields, trunk lids, windows and lights. Black only. Learn More
$13.99 ea.
Lubro Moly Intake Valve Cleaner Part # P801501
10 Oz. Can Choice Of Europe's Finest Mechanics Drasticaly Improves Drivabilty Will Not Harm Oxygen Sensors Or Catalytic Converters Imported From Germany    Ventil Sauber (valve clean) was developed to keep intake valves clean and deposit free from carbon deposits. Used regularly your vehicle will start better, run smoother and maintain maximum fuel mileage. (Treats 20 Gallons)         Learn More
$6.99 ea.
Trim Adhesive, Super Trim Adhesive Part # 88-0275-2
General Trim Adhesive is designed for lighter jobs such as carpeting, insulation materials. Super Trim Adhesive is designed for heavier jobs like vinyl tops and hood silencer pads. Learn More
$28.99 ea.
Car Cover, Coverking Silverguard Plus (Outdoor Car Cover) Part # P883590
Without Mirror Pockets Style An excellent choice for sunny climates. The silver reflective layer reflects sunlight and U.V. rays, yet is very water resistant. Made from strong Polyester yarn, with an added silver reflective and water resistant layer Learn More
$199.99 ea.
Spra Strip Paint Remover Part # 88-0169-1
Quickly and easily removes paint without affecting the factory gelcoat (when properly used). SpraStrip works well on the following paint finishes: lacquer, enamel, imron, acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane. Supplied in a one-gallon can. Spray bottle included. NOTE: Cannot Be Sold To California Or Canadian Customers Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Magic-Lube Bushing Grease Prelube 1/2oz Part # 88-0681-2
Ideal For Use On Plastic, Rubber, Urethane Suspension Bushings This Waterproof Non-Melting Grease Forms A Tough Protective Film Stops Squeeks & Bushings Will Last A Long Time 1/2 oz Container Magic-Lube is ideal for use on plastic suspension bushings. This waterproof, non-melting grease forms a tough protective film. Learn More
$5.99 ea.
Radiator Coolant Additive, 40 Below, Pro Blend Part # 88-0206-1
Stops Overheating Reduces Water Temperature Pro-Blend guarantees instant results from this radiator additive. Add 30 Oz. per 2 gallons or- 60 Oz. per 4 gallons of water (or coolant). Product does not need to be applied every time the system is flushed, but 60 ounces are needed to reduce temperatures 40. Perfect for racing, towing and daily drivers with air conditioning. Learn More
$24.99 ea.
Wheel Spoke Cleaning Brush Part # 88-0415-1
Non-Scratch Soft Bristles Tapered Tip Is Great For Plunging Comfort Molded Handle Protective Rubber Tip Learn More
$3.99 ea.
The Original California Car Duster Part # 88-0256-2
Quick & Easy To Use Treated Fibers Attract Dust Includes Storage Bag Dusters absorbent 100% cotton yarn soaks up dust and loose dirt in seconds and never needs cleaning. The dirtier they get, the better they work! Perfect for touch-ups at car shows. Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Grip Tech Deluxe Wheel & Brake Dust Cleaning Brush Part # 88-1224-1
Strong Scour Pad Action Removes Dust From Wheel Outer Soft Bristle To Clean Wheels While Protecting The New Wheel Finish Soft Rubber Handle For Comfort & Function Here is the best of the best in cleaning hand tools. Each Grip Tech Brush uses a patented triangular grip design to promote comfort and enhance function. Flared design and molded ribbing ensure superior grip in dry or wet conditions. Every brush fiber has been selected to match specific use. Learn More
$4.99 ea.
Microfiber Max Car Duster Part # 88-1205-1
Treated Fibers Attract Dust 20" Extended Reach Plush Microfiber Strands Grab & Hold Surface Dust Washable & Completely Reusable Cleans Car Without Water & Safe On All Paint Surfaces Learn More
$12.99 ea.
Car Cover, Coverking Triguard Gray, For Porsche Models Part # P802111
For Cars With Regular (Non Flared) Fenders  Will Not Fit Cars With Rear Spoilers/ Whale Tails Not For Right Hand Drive Models  This Cover Has NO Mirror Pockets   Triguard is a special three layer material intended for light to medium weather outdoor or indoor use. Perfect for protection from dust and animal droppings, not suggested for harsh weather conditions. Learn More
$94.99 ea.
Pentosin Super DOT4 Brake Fluid Part # P882943
  Used by leading automotive manufacturers as first fill, as well as service refill, Pentosin Brake Fluids are especially suited for use in vehicles with ABS (anti-lock braking systems). With Pentosin Brake Fluid under the hood, professional repair technicians have peace of mind knowing they are working with the highest-quality product available, while drivers enjoy increased safety and reliability.   Learn More

Was: $21.99 ea.

Now: $12.99 ea.
Forever Black Tire Gel Part # 88-0190-2
No More Faded-Bronze Look Brings Back Black In One Application Many tire dressings offer only a short-term new-rubber look. They typically attract dirt and turn sidewalls brown instead of the intended black. Forever BLACK? is different: It's a gel that's specially formulated to outperform silicone-impregnated aerosol dressings. Water-based and environmentally safe, the gel applies with its bottle's applicator top, so the product can be spread evenly - whitewalls are easily avoided. Forever BLACK? dries in about 10 minutes, restores the like-new black luster, protects against UV rays and lasts for months. Learn More
$12.99 ea.
Car Cover Storage Bag Part # P802125
Keep it compact, handy and protected in this car cover bag. Will accommodate all covers. Learn More
$7.99 ea.
Curb Alert Warning System Part # 88-1074-1
Warns With An Audible Alarm Prevents Embarrassing Parking Lot Moments Sensor Can Mount In A Discrete Manner In The Front End No Drilling Required Advanced Infrared Triangulation Technology Warning Distance Is Adjustable From 8-28" Alert Sound Volume Can Be Set To High, Low Or Mute You protect your front bumper with a mask, well wheels with splash guards, body paint with Cleartastic and wax, well what is protectiong the lower spoiler or bumper? Here it is. Now you can install a system that will notify you when you are nearing an item like those dreaded concrete tire stops in parking lots. This unit warns you before you run on top of it and damage your lower spoiler or worse split the bumper. This unit is especially needed for those that have lowered the car for more performance or just that great look. Simply to install instructions included. Learn More
$159.99 Kit
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