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Autotronic Controls Parts and Accessories

MSD Performance, is the number one name in performance electronics for the street, strip and track. MSD is known for their ignition systems that power everything from Top Fuel Dragsters to bracket racers, NASCAR trucks to modifieds, and desert race trucks to rock crawlers –but there is a lot more. You can have MSD from start to finish with their line of high torque DynaForce Starters and even fuel the fire with their Atomic EFI system. MSD Performance products are engineered, tested and built in their 150,000+ square feet headquarters in El Paso, Texas. The company, started by three engineers from White Sands Missile Range, has been producing race winning products for over 40 years and continues to drive innovation and quality in all of their products.

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Porsche® MSD 6AL Ignition Control Box 1948-2013 Part # P909926
Multiple Spark For Cleaner Burn Smoother Power Heres a theory almost anyone can buy into: more sparks per combustion cycle help extract every last bit of energy from your fuel. Theories are fine, but weve seen a lot of them disproved in the real world, so we tested the MSD 6AL multi-spark discharge CD. On our chassis dyno, our 912E gained a bit over 10 more horsepower after we installed an MSD6AL 909926 CD. That was more than we expected. On the track, we installed a 909926 on a 912E, and the driver was able to cut a full two seconds off his previous lap times. In fact, he set a new class record. MSD has exceeded our highest expectations and we found other benefits beyond the horsepower increase. You also get a smoother-running engine and improved throttle response as well. The way it works is shown in the graph above. Instead of one spark, the MSD unit sparks continuously through 20 degrees of crankshaft rotation to burn all the air/fuel mixture. The 909926 features an adjustable rev limiter you can set to 6000, 7000 or 8000 rpm. Adding the RPM Module Selector allows you to adjust the limit from 6000 to 8200 in 200 rpm increments. The 909926 can be used on all 12-volt Porsches, is street legal in all 50 states. Note: Cars with electric tach need the Tach Adapter. MSD ignitions require hi-spark coil's. For All 12 Volt Cars. Learn More

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Porsche® Tach Adapters MSD With Magnetic Pickup Distributor Part # P914972
MSD Tach Adapters are necessary for all Porsche Vehicles with a electronic tachometer. Choose the correct one based on your type of distributor. Learn More
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Porsche® 911/912/914/944 Blaster SS Coil MSD,1965-1989 Part # P800249
MSDs Blaster SS Coil is designed specifically for Ignition Controls, such as the MSD 6A & 6AL. It features an efficient E-core winding design that can handle the increase primary voltage from CD control box. A tough Rynite housing and polyurethane-encased windings make this coil perfect for racing use. Like MSDs Ignition Control Boxes, the Blaster SS Coil is 50 state-emissions legal. Learn More
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Porsche® 911/912/914/944 Ignition Control Box MSD 6A 1965-1994 Part # P800238
Internal combustion engines depend on a hot, consistent spark to provide maximum power and efficiency. Conventional OEM ignition systems fire the spark plug just once on the engines compression stroke. The MSD 6A ensures complete combustion by supplying extreme-energy multiple sparks over 20-degrees of crankshaft rotation up to 3,000 rpm. Over 3,000 rpm, the MSD delivers one full power single spark. This ignition technology provides quicker starts, smoother idle, crisp throttle response, improved power and reduced spark plug fouling. MSD 6A comes complete with instructions for wiring into 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines. Quality Restoration Part Fits 4, 6, and 8 Cylinder engines. Without Built in Rev Limiter Learn More

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