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Hole & Seam Filler, POR-15® Part # 88-0268-1
Use To Repair Pinholes Or Seams In Body Metal Or Gas Tanks With No Welding Dries Hard Yet Remains Flexible Impervious To Fuel & Solvent Waterproof 4 Oz. Tube Black In Color Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Eckler's DUR-E-BOND Automotive Epoxy Adhesive, SMC, 50mil Cartridge Part # 88-1192-2
Perfect Amount For The Smaller Jobs Can Be Used For (SMC)Sheet Molded Compound Fiberglass Or General Purpose Strong Structural Bond Non-Sag Paste 6-8 Minute Working Time Made In The USA This is an ECKLER'S EXCLUSIVE. Eckler's has been in the Fiberglass business since 1965. After extensive research of working with many adhesives, Eckler's has came up with the DUR-E-Bond Automotive epoxy. DUR-E-Bond is not just the "average" adhesive you would buy from your local store, it is Superior to any adhesives out there in our opinion, or we would not put our name on it! It is a non-sag paste that is easy to work with and a strong structural bond. Works great on thermoplastics, fiberglass, SMC fiberglass, metals, and much more. Comes in a easy to use 50ML cartridge. Learn More
$19.99 ea.
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