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Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Additive, Trans Cool, Pro Blend Part # 88-0205-1
Reduces Transmission Wear By Reducing Metal To Metal Friction Reduces Transmission Fluid Temperature Up To 57 Degrees Dramatically Improves Shifting Works With All Automatic Transmissions Works With 1997-04 6-Speeds Pro Blend Tans Cool has developed the best transmission fluid additive for automatic transmission fluid on the market. By reducing friction, on the gears, bearings and the shafts it doubles the life of a transmission, plus fluid temperatures are reduced and shifting is smoother in hot or cold conditions. It’s a must for hi-performance driving. Learn More
$12.99 ea.
Swepco Transmission Gear Lube for Porsche® Part # P883053
Special adhesive/cohesive formulation eliminates "dry starts", dramatically reducing initial start-up wear on pinion and ring gears Helps improve "stiff shifting" manual transmissions Reduces operating temperatures Anti-wear inhibitors and extreme pressure additives including SWEPCO's proprietary additive LUBIUM® Helps keep gearbox and transmission seals soft and pliable, reducing leakage Meets all AGMA specifications, API GL-5, and MT-1 EP and limited slip differential additives One Gallon   SWEPCO 201 Multi-Purpose Gear Lube is a premium quality, gear oil formulated to provide superior performance in a wide range of demanding operating conditions. It provides outstanding wear control, service life, cleanliness, thermal stability and corrosion resistance for most industrial gear boxes, manual transmissions, final drives and power take off units. It is blended from the finest high VI paraffinic base stocks available and the most advanced additive chemistry, including LUBIUM®, SWEPCO’s highly effective anti-wear additive.     Learn More
$82.99 ea.
Transmission Fluid, Red Line Manual Trans Fluid (75W/90NS) For Porsche® Part # P909604
A satisfied customer of ours Dexter Ford says, this stuff is amazing. Before I poured it into my vehicle, I was afraid I was right on the edge of a trans rebuild. The trans gave me a lot of resistance going into each gear, making shifts slow and hesitant. And the syncros were getting a bit sloppy. It was easy to beat them and get a grind out of the box, specially upshifting into second or third. Red Line claims that the fluid creates added grip between the syncro rings, to help even worn syncros get the gears up to speed quickly during a shift. And boy does it work. My turbo now shifts much more quickly and crisply, with less effort and better accuracy. The difference was truly dramatic my first drive after the fluid change gave me an ear-to ear grin. Ill never run a stick shift without it. Learn More
$17.99 ea.
No Mess Funnel Part # 65-11180
A Must Have For Engine Work Patented Ball And Hook Shut Off Valve Keeps Fluid Spills In Check It's happened to all of us. You're in the garage topping off the fluids in you nice, newly rebuilt engine. Suddenly you realize the the reservoir is full and so is your funnel. So what do you do now? Automotion has the perfect solution. We are pleased to offer Proform's unique no mess funnel. This funnel features a patented ball and hook shut off that eliminates messy spills. Just lift the funnel and the shut off engages. You'll never worry about overspills making a mess of your engine again with Proform's no mess funnel from Automotion. Learn More
$5.99 ea.
Lubro Moly Mos2 Anti Friction Engine Treatment, 6-Pack Part # P830022
Protects Your Engine From Costly Wear And Tear Demanded By Europe's Finest Mechanics Imported From Germany Save $$$ With This 6-pack! Lubro Moly MoS2 Engine Treatment is an 'oil insoluble' formula that gives smoother and quieter engine operation.   NOTE: Cannot Be Sold To California Or Canadian Customers   Learn More
$35.29 Kit
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