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Mini Dash & Interior Duster Part # 88-0406-1
Treated Fibers Attract Dust Long Handle For Extended Reach Washable & Completely Reusable Quick & Easy To Use Learn More
$7.99 ea.
Car Duster With Long Handle & Storage Bag Part # 88-1204-2
Treated Fibers Attract Dust Storage Bag Included 100% Treated Cotton That Not Will Harm Paint Finish This car duster is a 100 % cotton strand duster that cleans and dusts like no other's out there. Works great on cars, vans, trucks and boats without water. The strand fibers are beaded with a paraffin wax not a petroleum based chemical like other dusters. It gently lifts pollen and dust away from the finish and is guaranteed never to scratch your paint. The duster comes complete with a storage pouch and an extended handle for easy reaching. The duster will greatly reduces the number of washings you need to perform to keep your vehicle looking freshly washed. One of the best features of the Duster is its versatility... because it can safely be used on any automotive surface. Windows, windshields, and exterior paint. It removes dust without ever being abrasive. It is completely safe for all finishes, the fibers will never scratch the paint.This Duster is compact, lightweight, easy to use. Learn More
$14.99 ea.
Eckler's Select Series Car Duster With Storage Bag Part # 88-0435-2
Picks Up Dirt Like A Magnet! Special Cotton Fiber Cleans Without Water Safe On All Surfaces Storage Bag Included Eckler's Select Series is Premium Quality for your classic! This Duster is custom-formulated to grab and lift away dust for a quick shine every time. The ultrasoft cotton fibers will not scratch vehicle finishes or clear coats, and are perfectly suited for collector cars, hot rods, luxury vehicles, cars, trucks, or SUVs. By using the SelectSeries Car Duster on a regular basis between washes, you can not only have a showroom shine anytime, but also save money on car washes. In fact, the more often and the more dirty the Duster gets, the better it works! Ecklerʼs Select Series Car Duster is specifically designed and formulated to quickly, safely, and effectively remove surface dust from all vehicles. Learn More
$16.99 ea.
3 Item(s) Show per page Grid  List