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Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) Part # 88-1314-2
Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New! Easy To Use With Detailed Instructions 8oz Tub Goes A Long Way Eckler's is proud to announce a breakthrough in metal protection for your classic ride. RPM (Rust Prevention Magic) keeps metal parts looking brand new! No more painting and changing the look of the part. RPM was developed for and used exclusively on the "Project Valiant" which scored a best in show at the Mopar Nationals and was awarded the highest scoring OE car ever! This new wax-like product is easy to apply and will protect bare metal from rusting. It will not reverse rust or remove it, so you will need to sandblast or glass bead any rusty parts clean first. You apply it by heating the clean part up to 120 degrees F using a hair blow dryer or heat gun, then you brush the RPM on with included paint brush. The substance melts as it is brushed onto the hot part. It gets into the pores of the metal and prevents rust from forming. Wipe the excess RPM off with a towel or paper towel and let it come back to room temperature and dry. The RPM dries to an invisible barrier that prevents rust from forming. Learn More
$34.99 ea.
Rubber and Vinyl Restorer Part # 88-0440-2
Warranty: 90 days Content: 6 Fl. Oz Plus 3 Free Brushes Rubber & Vinyl Restore is a unique formula that actually rejuvenates and restores dried out rubber and vinyl. Its deep penetrating formula restores elasticity and conditions rubber & vinyl, keeping it pliable for a long time. Restoring it saves you the expense of replacing costly weather-stripping, vinyl tops, floor mats and so much more. One 6 ounce bottle covers about 10 square feet. Square footage may vary depending on condition of rubber/vinyl. Learn More
$18.99 Kit
Porsche Front Oil Seal Installation Tool, 911, 1965-1989 Part # P903076
Needed For Proper Installation Of Oil Seal On Pulley Side Of Crank Shaft Do the job right with this oil seal arbor tool from Automotion. Why pay big money for labor etc.. when you can do the job yourself? Learn More
$89.99 ea.
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