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Swepco 503 Fuel Additive For Porsche Part # P883106
Protect your expensive fuel injection and restore lost power. Recommended by Bosch, Swepco 503 Fuel Additive breaks down impurities and particle build-up that cause engine performance problems. Since Swepco 503 emulsifies water, regular use prevents corrosion and particle build-up. Use one can every 2 or 3 tankfulls. We also recommend occasional use in carbureted engines. 12 oz Learn More
$9.99 ea.
Swepco Moly-Lube For Porsche Part # P883101
Because it resists heat flow, it adds years of life to your bearings and CV joints. Swepco has further improved this excellent grease by adding Lubiuma tough film on all metal parts to protects them from extreme heat and pressure. 14 oz Learn More
$16.99 ea.
Swepco Oil Improver For Porsche Part # P883105
Tired of listening to noisy hydraulic tappets? Shops have told us that on engines with excessive hydraulic tappet noise, they can actually hear the engine quiet down as they pour Swepco 502 into the engine. We were doubtful. We tested it on a noisy engine and found that, in truth, the tappet noise diminished significantly. The engine no longer sounded like it was a bucket of bolts ready to scatter out the bottom end. Were a believer. Swepco 502 also prevents oxidation and sludging, as well as inhibiting corrosion, so your oil can do a better job of keeping your engine well lubricated. One container treats about five quarts of oil; amount may vary depending on oil quality. 16 oz Learn More
$16.99 ea.
Swepco 505 Oil Additive For Porsche Part # P883103
Swepco 505 Friction Fighter is great for extending bearing life. We especially recommend it for high heat situations, smog-controlled cars and turbos. Helps to quiet hydraulic tappet noise. For best results add one can with each oil change. Not for new engines until after break-in. 16 oz Learn More
$89.99 ea.
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