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Category: 'Fuel Systems'
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6uel Pump Relay, For Porsche® 928, 1978-1986 Part # P903832
Best Quality Replacement Fuel Pump Relay For Porsche® 928 Fits Original Relay Box Exactly Square Relay As Genuine Part Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Fuel Pump For Porsche® Part # MS-1669
  Replacement Fuel Pump   Your Porsche fuel pump has an important job, it delivers proper volume and pressure to your carburetor or injectors. Older fuel pumps experience wear and tear on the armature, brushes or bearings causing a gradual loss of pressure and poor engine performance over time. Some fuel pumps will pick up dirt and debris in older fuel tanks and allow these contaminants to get past the filter sock which will cause the pump wear out prematurely and eventually lead to seize. A seized fuel pump will quickly over heat and burn out. Changing an old or worn fuel pump can quickly restore performance and breathe new life into your Porsche. Performance products can help get your Porsche running showroom fresh, whether it is on the track or the street. Learn More
Porsche® Electric Fuel Pump, 912, 914, 1975-1976 Part # 65-10096
Replacement Of Original The fuel pump provides fuel to the carburetor or injectors and is actuated by an eccentric on the camshaft through the rocker arm or push rod or a relay for fuel injection. A weak or worn out pump can cause a rough idel or stalling engine. A new fuel pump from Automotion will ensure a smooth running engine for years to come. Learn More

Was: $89.99 ea.

Now: $79.99 ea.
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