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K&N Cartridge and Wrench-Off Oil Filters For Porsche® Part # MS-1759
High Quality Performance Filters Exceeds OEM Specifications Wrench-Off Filters Have A 1" Nut On The End Of The Canister For Easy Removal Quality Replacement K&N Performance oil filters for most Porsche applications. Oil is the life-blood of any engine and regular changes and filter replacements keep your Porsche running and performing its best. Purchase a couple of extra filters from Performance Products today to keep handy for future oil changes. NOTE: When changing your oil filter, inspect the filter to insure the rubber ring is intact on the old filter. If it is not present, it could still be stuck to the mounting surface. Failure to inspect could result in two gaskets being installed which allows the oil to be pumped out of the engine at an extremely high rate. Learn More
Clutch Alignment Tool For Porsche Part # P909960
Take the pain out of clutch and transmission work. Clutch disc alignment is quick and easy with these precision tools. Not for Sportomatic. Learn More

Was: $9.99 ea.

Now: $4.99 ea.
Feeler Gauge For Porsche Part # P903006
Tool for easy and accurate valve adjustment. Feeler Gauge Holder and one blade (.004") needed for correct adjustment of valve clearance. Comes exclusively as shown here with its correct shape for the contour of your hand. Works On Porsche 356, 911, 912, 914-6, 930. Learn More

Was: $9.99 ea.

Now: $8.99 ea.
996 Engine Support Bar For Porsche Part # P915426
This special service tool was developed for the crucial task of supporting the engine within its compartment during R&R of the Trans-Axle / Gear-Box. The two side posts / feet of this Support Bar bolt directly to the vehicle by way of the bottom suspension bolts. This allows the center bolt of the Support Bar, with its swiveling head, to cradle/support the underneath of the engine case. Learn More

Was: $239.99 ea.

Now: $199.99 ea.
Porsche Engine Head Stud Height Setter Tool, 911, GT3 Part # 65-10277
Easy To Use Don't Pay Big $ To The Dealer When You Can Do This Yourself For A Fraction Of The Cost! Precisely Sets The Height Of Head Studs Precisely set the height of head studs on all the 911 engines using this innovative tool. The Delrin insert protects the engine case from scratches or marring, while the adjustable three-piece anodized aluminum tubular construction provides complete flexibility for all engine setups, tools, and stud combinations. For all 911s including GT3s. Learn More
$99.99 ea.
Clutch Alignment Tool, 1972-86 911® For Porsche Part # P909959
Take the pain out of clutch and transmission work. Clutch disc alignment is quick and easy with these precision tools. Not for Sportomatic. Learn More

Was: $9.99 ea.

Now: $4.99 ea.
Clutch Alignment Tool, 911®/912/914 For Porsche Part # P909958
Take the pain out of clutch and transmission work. Clutch disc alignment is quick and easy with these precision tools. Not for Sportomatic. Learn More

Was: $9.99 ea.

Now: $4.99 ea.
Tool, Shift Fork Jigs, 1972-86 911®, 912E For Porsche® Part # P910841
After transmission work, the shifting forks need to be correctly set before the job is complete. These tools precisely hold the gear stacks and carrier so you can accurately complete the job. The result is smooth, positive shifting. made of solid urethane. Learn More

Was: $19.99 ea.

Now: $16.99 ea.
Generator Pulley Wrench (Spanner) For Porsche 911, 930 Part # P902842
Pulley Wrench needed for securing the generator from rotating during R&R of pulley or fan belt. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Dial Indicator Holding Fixture For Porsche Part # P903011
For accurate 911/930 valve timing. Will accept all standard dial indicator gauges. Gauge extension included. Learn More

Was: $34.99 ea.

Now: $29.99 ea.
Ball Joint Socket For Porsche® Part # P909941
Remove ball joints without damaging the rubber boot or teflon lining with our extra strong steel separator tool. Learn More

Was: $59.99 ea.

Now: $54.99 ea.
Deluxe Ring Compressor Kit For Porsche Part # P909974
Install pistons quickly and easily on any engine with our handy kit. Select the band for your size piston, slip it around the piston/rings, connect the pliers, compress and slide the piston into the cylinder. Its that quick and easy. Six bands cover pistons from 73mm to 111mm. Learn More

Was: $57.99 ea.

Now: $54.99 ea.
Cam Holding Socket Tool, 1965-80.5 911®/930 For Porsche Part # P909526
This cam socket with " is needed to secure the camshaft from rotating during removal of camshaft nut. Should be used in conjunction with crowfoot part. Learn More

Was: $43.99 ea.

Now: $39.99 ea.
CIS Adjusting Tool (Long) Part # P883348
Make easy work of adjusting the air-fuel-mixtureon Bosch CIS fuel injection units. Learn More
$6.99 ea.
Cam Tool, Crowfoot 46mm For Porsche® Part # P903007
Heavy duty tool for easy removal of the 911 cam nut. Solid one-piece construction. Not welded. Also crucial when adjusting valves or setting cam timing. 46MM. Should be used in conjunction with cam socket 909526 Learn More
$79.99 ea.
CIS Injection Wrench (Short) For Porsche Part # P903072
One special tool needed to adjust the CIS injection system. Learn More

Was: $7.99 ea.

Now: $6.99 ea.
Time Saving Flywheel Lock For Porsche Part # P909953
Flywheel and clutch work is a breeze when you lock the flywheel in place. Extra heavy-duty construction for years of use. Fits all 356, 911, 912 1965-69 and 914 1970-76 Learn More

Was: $17.99 ea.

Now: $16.99 ea.
German Oil Filter Wrenches, For Porsche Part # P909945
OEM Oil Filter Wrench Made In Germany When nothing but the best will do pick up a Hazet tool. Hazet is the Official  Supplier and Technical Partner of Porsche Motorsport. Hazet Ingenious Tools Learn More

Was: $64.99 ea.

Now: $49.99 ea.
Door Striker Hex Socket 1/2" Drive For Porsche Part # P909968
After years of not being removed or turned, it takes a specially tough socket to loosen door striker plates. Our 12-point, 8MM hex socket is the perfect tool. Learn More
$29.99 ea.
Yoke Vise For Porsche Part # P903032
Duplication of the Porsche engine stand. Holds all engines 356, 911, 912,930 and 914. The only stand that will safely hold the full weight of the 911/912/930 engine. Complete with 360 degree swivel mounting collar for floor stand (Not Included) or purchase yoke vise for bench mounting. This yoke holds all engines up to 3.6L with the flywheel bolted to the engine. Learn More
$169.99 ea.
Metric Feeler Gauge Part # P802042
15 blades .06mm (.003") to .70mm (.028").  With thumb screw to hold any position. Learn More

Was: $9.99 pk.

Now: $6.99 pk.
Cam Holding Tool, 1982-98 911®/993 For Porsche Part # P903009
Both have convenient handles and effectively keep the cam from turning when removing or installing the cam nut. Holder for early models 1965-80 , works in conjunction with crowfoot, while larger cam holder accommodates new cam design for 1980 -98, eliminating use of crowfoot and permitting use of normal hand tools to remove cam nut. Learn More

Was: $89.99 ea.

Now: $79.99 ea.
Pulley Wrench, B - Pulley Wrench (With Prongs) For Porsche Part # P902841
Dont get caught without a pulley wrench to make emergency fan belt changes. Every 911, 912, 914-6, and 356 tool kit should contain one for this job. Learn More

Was: $33.99 ea.

Now: $29.99 ea.
Valve Spring Adjuster For Porsche Part # P903027
Measures valve spring length and shows the correct height when installed. Learn More

Was: $54.99 ea.

Now: $49.99 ea.
Unisyn For Porsche Part # P903558
Measures air intake of carbs and fuel injection stacks so that each butterfly can be synchronized for smoother running and full power. Learn More

Was: $32.99 ea.

Now: $29.99 ea.
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