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Valve Spring Compressor, Exhaust For Porsche Part # P903029
With these handy tools you can easily replace broken valve springs with the engine in the car. Remove valve cover, spark plug, make sure the cylinder you are working on is on top dead center and then apply compressed air to that cylinder while you replace the broken valve spring. This tool will save you many hours of labor. Learn More

Was: $69.99 ea.

Now: $59.99 ea.
Exhaust Paint Aluminum Color 10oz Spay Part # 88-1348-2
Perfect For Protecting Hangers, Tailpipes & Mufflers Withstands Up To 600 degrees F 10-oz. Aerosol Covers 6 sq ft. Aluminum-colored Exhaust Paint withstands up to 600 degrees F. Easy-to-spray formula protects exhaust components, from the manifolds or headers, all the way back. (Not recommended for the manifolds or headers themselves.) Learn More
$12.99 ea.
Porsche Exhaust Bolt Repair Kit, 996, 997, Boxster Part # 65-10276
Easy To Use Don't Pay Big $ To The Dealer When You Can Do This Yourself For A Fraction Of The Cost! With more and more broken exhaust bolts reported on the water-cooled engines, the headache of repairing a broken bolt is becoming epidemic. Tasks ranging from a simple exhaust system update through an engine removal, are consistently plagued by snapped, rusted, and broken exhaust manifold bolts. Rarely can an accurate removal of the broken bolt be performed with the engine in the car, and even after removal, the task is time consuming and if not done carefully can lead to a damaged head or faulty repair. The answer to these problems is a kit that easily, accurately, and flexibly allows you to drill out the broken bolts, saving time and headaches. A CNC milled plate indexes precisely off the broken bolts and/or bolt holes. Using this uniquely designed Thumb Screws, the plate is locked in place (by threading a Thumb Screw over a broken bolt or by using a supplied bolt threaded through the Thumb Screw). With the included pilot drills and drill guides, the faulty bolt can be drilled out, producing a perfectly perpendicular and centered hole that if necessary can be chased with an included M8x1.25 tap. Kit includes anodized aluminum fixture, drill bits, tap with extension, drill jigs/guides, Thumb Screws, and hardware in a sturdy storage case. Learn More
$329.99 Kit
Cam Securing Fixture Tool, 1999-01 996 For Porsche Part # P915427
This special service tool was developed for the crucial task of securing the intake and exhaust cam shafts in relation to each other during base timing, etc. Trying to accomplish this task with any other method is risking valve to piston contact resulting in total engine failure. Learn More
$199.99 ea.
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