Coremetrics Opt-Out Choices

Eckler's Automotion respects your privacy and we want to assure you that we will use the information collected by Coremetrics responsibly. We understand though that you may not wish to have your information collected while you visit our site. Please find below options that allow you to choose how your information is collected. Please note that these options only apply to "Eckler's Automotion". If you use any other site you will need to complete this form for that site as well.

Your opt-out information is kept in a "cookie" on your computer so if you clean your cookies or visit our site using a different computer you will need to return to this page to choose your option again.

View Current Opt-out Status
(Note: To view your current status please make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off for this site.)

Your Opt-Out Choices:

Anonymous Visitor: Allow Coremetrics to collect only anonymous information regarding your actions on this site. This means we'll gather the information, but it won't be identifiable to you.
Total Opt-out: Do not allow Coremetrics to capture any data regarding your actions on this site, or any personal information.
Cancel Opt-out: Allow Coremetrics to capture all of your actions on this site, excluding credit card information. These actions may be identifiable to you as an individual.