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Automotion has all the parts you need for a great Porsche ignition system. We have the widest variety and the best prices when it comes to Porsche ignition wire, and we have everything you need when it comes to buying a Porsche ignition shield or Porsche ignition switch. Eckler's Corvete is the most trusted name in Porsches in the country, because we love your car as much as you do.

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Remote RPM Limiter 911, 912, 914 For Porsche® Part # P915879
Remote RPM Limiter The Remote RPM limiter is intended for use when the RPM limit is changed often or when the driver must be able to change the RPM limit on the fly. It can be used on twin plug cars to control both ignition modules simultaneously. The RV020 is compatible with all of the black Perma-Tune modules made by Plasmatronics, LLC. Learn More

Was: $279.99 ea.

Now: $237.10 ea.
Denso Iridium Spark Plugs For Porsche Part # P913742
Denso, a leader in high performance spark plug technology, has introduced a patented new design that uses an exotic Iridium metal alloy to replace the traditional platinum center electrode. Because of Iridium's hardness, superior strength and melting point that is 700 degrees C higher than platinum, Denso was able to reduce the center electrode diameter to just .4mm compared to a typical platinum 1.1mm electrode. The result is a spark plug that takes up to 5,000 volts less to fire and will resist electrode erosion for up to 100,000 miles. You won't find a better spark plug for severe duty and for faster cold starts, regardless of temperature. Learn More

Regular Price: $11.99 ea.

Sale Price: $8.63 ea.

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