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Fuel Pump, Rebuilt For Porsche®

Fuel Pump, Rebuilt For Porsche®

Fuel Pump, Rebuilt For Porsche®
Part #: MS-1742
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1970 thru 1989

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  • Quality Remanufactured Fuel Pump
  • Available For Most Applications
  • Core Charge May Apply
Quality rebuilt fuel pumps are the answer for costly fuel system repairs. If you try and start your Porsche® and there is no initial "hum" from your fuel pump pushing fuel to the engine, it is time for a replacement. Trust Performance Products to bring you the best parts for your Porsche® at an affordable price. Remanufacturing Process: 1. Units are disassembled to component level. 2. Bearings are cleaned or replaced. 3. Commutators are resurfaced or replaced. 4. New brushes installed. 5. All 'O' rings are replaced. 6. Assembled units are flow rate, pressure checked and tested for amperage draw. 7. Once the unit meets OEM specifications, the unit is sealed and packaged.