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Automotion has everything you need when it comes to Porsche seats. We have the best quality Porsche seat back upholstery and accents, and the lowest price on seat covers. Automotion is the most trusted name in Porsches, because we love them as much as our customers do, and because we know, like they do, that the interior and seats are just as important as the outside.

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Mercedes® Front Seat Covers,Five-Star,Sheepskin,Pair,Custom Order Part # P883302
Our Most Popular Cover Universal Slip-on Fit Covers Do Not Come With Cut-outs, Armrests, or Headrests Sold As A Pair Our most popular sheepskin covers for the entire Mercedes line. We sell 2 sets every day on average and they are the most comfortable cover for early model Mercedes-Benz automobiles but will fit all years. These 5 Star skins are sold in pairs only. Dry clean for best results. Specify year, make and model Learn More

Was: $349.99 pr.

Now: $329.99 pr.

Porsche® 911/Boxster Seat Cover, Bolster Protection, Auto Chaps, Black, 1978-2005 Part # P916361
This is the quality bolster protection you’ve been waiting for. Made from 1/8” thick Neo-Supreme material that will give you years of comfort and protection from the wear and tear that happens when you get in and out of your vehicle. Black in color that will compliment any interior. You will save hundreds of dollars on repair costs by using Auto Chaps. Easy to install, just slide the cover over top of seat, pull down over the bolsters and fasten with the self locking Velcro tabs. Note: Not For Sport Seats Learn More

Was: $79.99 pr.

Now: $69.99 pr.

Cerullo Seat Tector Seat Covers, For Porsche Part # MS-1790
Protect your seats from water, sand, grease, and pets with our rugged 420 weight Denier pack nylon covers. They slip on in seconds and fasten securely with velcro closures. Learn More
Wet Okole Seat Covers, For Porsche® Part # MS-1684
The Original Since 1984 Ask For 100% CR Neoprene - Not all Neoprene Seat Covers are Created Equal Custom Tailored - Vibrant Colors Made in the USA Protect your Porsche's seats with these innovative seat covers made of high-quality, and expensive, nylon-laminated CR neoprene wetsuit materal. With 1/2" foam padding, they are custom-tailored to fit your Porsche seat perfectly, so they stay cool in summer and warm in the winter. CR is a top notch insulating material. But will they let my leather seats breath, you ask? Actually, leather doesn't need to breathe. These covers help preserve your seats by protecting them from moisture and from the drying effects of the sun and wind. Specify year, model, type of seat, color and color combination. Wet Okole are custom made to order and non-returnable Learn More
Five Star Plus Hand-Sculptured Sheepskins, Hi-Back Seats, For Porsche Part # MS-1698
This elegant sculpted design is hand tailored and the striking ribbed pattern matches the original design perfectly. Luxurious 1" thick exhibition quality sheepskin offer exceptional comfort and protection. Each cover is meticulously cut and trimmed following original factory seat patterns for a custom fit. Sold in pairs. Non-Returnable Learn More
Tailor Made Sheepskins, Slip Over Seat Covers, For Porsche Part # MS-1671
These luxurious covers are made from the finest North America, Australian, and New Zealand sheepskin. Covers are constructed using original factory patterns for a trim, tailored fit. Easy to install and available in nine elegant colors to match or compliment your interior. Please call for free color samples. Non-Returnable Learn More
Euro-Style Seat Covers With Piping By Wet Okole For Porsche® Part # MS-1683
Unlike the old OE-Style plastic-core piping that eventually cracked, Wek Okole® pipes are made from CR neoprene-covered flexible cord. Currently, piped covers are available in solid colors only. You can choose from Seat colors; Charcoal, Black, Light Gray, Navy Blue and Mocha, or Piping colors; Dark green, Brown, Teal, Navy Blue, Mocha, Cobalt, Purple, Lt. Gray, Wine, Royal Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Charcoal, or Turquoise or choose Same-color material and piping can even look like a custom upholstery job instead of simply covers. Specify year, model, type of seat, color and color combination. Wet Okole are custom made to order and non-returnable Learn More
Porsche® 911/928/944 Seat Switch Bezel, Aluminum, 1978-1998 Part # P916452
Rennline   Aluminum seat switch bezels are a sure way to brighten up your car's interior and make it stand out in a crowd. Unlike any product on the market, these bezels are a direct replacement of the factory plastic units found on most 1978-98 Porsche® with power seats. Simply unscrew the original and install these in their place for a 2 minute interior upgrade. Sold in sets of 2 and are available for most factory seats with a 2 switch configuration. Learn More
$99.99 Set
Porsche® 911 Seat Cover, Rear, Vinyl, 1974-1984 Part # P916322

Was: $439.99 Set

Now: $399.99 Set

Porsche® 996/Boxster Seat Cover, Colgan Service, 1996-2004 Part # P913255
If you're working on your Porsche® and don't want to ruin those $7,000+ seats with grease, oil or gunk, use the Service Cover shops use for Boxster/996. These covers are made to fit any Porsche® Hi-Back Seat. Made of grey vinyl with a soft underside. Learn More

Was: $129.99 ea.

Now: $109.99 ea.

Porsche® 911/912E/924/928/944/968 Seat Control Lever, 1974-1998 Part # P902619
Genuine Porsche® Part Uses Clip PN: P902603   Knob broken off? Replace yours with a new one, and easily adjust your seat to the position where you can see the world. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
Carbon Fiber PerfectFit® Seat Heaters Part # 88-1256
Universal Kit Can Be Installed On Any Vehicle Includes Everything Needed To Install (Easy Installation) Features a Light up Small Concealable Switch That Can Be Mounted Anywhere High Quality Carbon Fiber Technology Does One Seat PerfectFit universal seat heaters are among the highest quality seat-heating units available on the market. Those who have ever experienced the luxury of a seat heater know that once you?ve taken pleasure in a seat heater, it almost becomes a necessity. PerfectFit Seat Heaters can be installed in your factory seats in a matter of minutes. These seat heating pads feature carbon fiber technology, which is regarded as one of the finest heating pad materials available today. Learn More
$69.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/924/944/968 Seat Knob, Clip, 1974-1998 Part # P902603
Genuine OE Part Genuine Porsche® Part   Knob broken off? Replace yours with a new one, and easily adjust your seat to the position where you can see the world. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/924/944/968 Seat Knob, Trim, 1974-1995 Part # P902618
Genuine OE Part Genuine Porsche® Part   Knob broken off? Replace yours with a new one, and easily adjust your seat to the position where you can see the world. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
Porsche® 911/912 Seat Adapter Kit, Welmeister, 1965-1973 Part # P910114
Upgrade your 1965-73 911/912 to the comfortable, safer late 1974-85 high back 911 seat. Our kit includes adapters for either driver or passenger seat. Order two kits to upgrade both seats. Learn More
$42.99 Kit
Porsche® 914 Seat Handle, Adjuster, 1970-1976 Part # P912316
Quality Restoration Part  Fits Any Movable 914 Original Seat Replace your broken seat adjuster handle with our improved, heavy duty version. Driving is fun again when you can easily move your seat into your favorite notch. Made from extra-strong poly-graphite. Learn More
$29.99 ea.
Porsche® 911 Strap, Rear Seat, Leather, 2 1/2", Black Front/Black Back, 1974-1989 Part # P914439
Sold in Pairs 3 1/2 Straps Available - Part P914437   Is there a 911 out there that hasn't had the ravages of the sun through the back glass and rotted the jump seat straps? These reproduction straps are a fraction of the cost of the originals without losing the quality. Embossed black leather with snap. Learn More
$22.99 pr.
COLORBOND Interior Color Dye Spray, Leather/Vinyl, Black Part # P883703
COLORBOND Is Dry To The Touch In 45 Seconds & Bonds Within 10 Minutes. COLORBOND Will Not Crack, Flake Or Peel. The Grain Simulation Is Never Altered Or Hidden, No Matter How Many Times It Is Applied COLORBOND is the easiest way to restore or change the color of interior carpet, leather, vinyl, plastic or metal. There is nothing quite like it. COLORBOND can be used on dash panels, seats, instrument panels, steering wheels, airbag covers, convertible tops, mirrors, and exterior trim. Learn More

Was: $18.99 ea.

Now: $14.99 ea.

Porsche® 911 Seat Elevation Kit, Weltmeister, 1985-1998 Part # P910116
With our 911 seat elevation kit. Improve your all-around visibility by raising your seat 20MM. Rear and side traffic is easier to see, preventing expensive (and dangerous) accidents. Finished in black for an original appearance, these seat rail inserts are easy to install at home, and come complete with hardware. Electric seat adjustment remains unaltered. Learn More
$65.99 ea.
Seat Kits, Front Leather, For Porsche® Part # MS-1686
Return your interior to its original look and fit. The materials used in the production of these interiors are from the original vendors that supply to Porsche®. You'll enjoy your seats for years, while maintaining the original look, feel, and color. Specify Standard or Sport Seat. Learn More
Porsche® Countersunk Screw, 6x12mm, Many uses, 928, 1978-1995 Part # P909388
Genuine OE Part Genuine Porsche Part Used Numerous Places on 928 Porsches Learn More
$1.99 ea.
Porsche® Seat Set, Both Front Standard Buckets, Premium Palma Vinyl For 911/924/944, 1974-1985Early Part # 65-10735
Available In Many Colors Carefully Patterned After Original Covers Created Using Premium Palma Vinyl These Sets Are Custom Made Based On Your Order With Fresh Materials For Standard Seats Hog Rings And Limited Use Hog Ring Pliers Included 911 Styles Changed During The 1977 Model Year Are you not willing to settle for slip-on covers but can't justify a leather kit? Automotion is proud to offer these well made alternatives which replace your unsightly covers without breaking the bank. Starting with Premium Palma Vinyl from Germany, these custom made covers are carefully stitched together in a facility which has been producing fine interior products for over thirty years. Only a careful examination by an expert will reveal that you didn't opt for leather. This material will resist wear better than leather as well. You have an assortment of colors to choose from and they come with perforated inserts at no additional charge. Order a matching rear cover and your Porsche's interior will make you even more proud of your fine machine. NOTE: This year range 911, 924, and 944 had two seat versions: Standard and Sport. Please be sure what seats your car has prior to ordering. No horizontal stitch on headrests & straight inserts on bottoms. Many original covers shrink which causes the foam to compress. Be prepared to replace it or pad it out. Professional installation recommended. Learn More
$324.99 Set
Porsche® 911/912 Upholstery Kit, Seat, Left, Vinly, W/Basket Weave Insert, 1969-1971 Part # P910104
Spiff up your interior with seat material kits you'll enjoy for years. While Kits are original appearing, due to wear and age, we cannot guarantee an exact match with old upholstery. It is best to buy a pair for a proper match. Note: 911/912/930 Models, NOT for Sport Seats. These kits are special order and non-returnable. Learn More
$189.99 ea.
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