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Lloyd TruBerber Carpet Floor Mats For Your Porsche


TruBerber Carpet Is A Multi-Layer Construction Designed Specifically For Automotive Use By Lloyd Mats.

The Heaviest Berber Mat Available

  • 48 Ounce Per Yard Premium Nylon and Polypropylene Yarn Blend
  • Premium nylon yarn provides excellent wear, crush resistance and durability.
  • Polypropylene yarns provide strength and inherent resistance to fading and staining.
  • The heaviest Berber mat available.

Unique Blended Colors

  • Special comingled yarn colors hide surface stains.
  • Blended colors in each mat complement the most popular interior colors.
  • Matching continuous nylon velour edge can never unravel.

Licensed Trademark Emblems And Customizing Options

  • Embroidered designs done with durable nylon thread.
    • Direct Embroidery: Designs are Sewn through carpet and backing.
    • Embroidered Applique: Pre-embroidered appliqué permanently welded deep into the carpet face using RF Technology.
  • Variety of thread colors.
  • Optional marine grade vinyl binding for bright and contrasting edge.

Multi-Layer Backing

  • Polypropylene mesh gives the tufted yarn its shape.
  • Extra heavy latex layer creates stiffness to help maintain mat shape.
  • Water-resistant layer to keep moisture from the original carpet.
  • Final Tractionbac™ composition rubber for natural non-skid characteristics.


  • Long Wearing Carpet
  • Stain Resistance
  • Lasting Good Looks
  • Moisture Protection
  • Non-Skid

Mechanical Anchoring Devices

  • Factory compatible anchoring devices are included with each set for vehicles with a factory installed hook, snap, post, Velcro, etc.


  • Absolutely stay put.
  • Mats look better and last longer when they stay in place.
  • Won't wrinkle or create hazardous driving conditions.

Custom Fit Patterns

  • All floor and cargo areas.
  • Hand made patterns larger and more coverage than factory or other mats.
  • Digitally mastered, with mats cut using precise ultra-sonic machinery.

Five year warranty against defects in design, workmanship and materials.