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Optima Battery & Adapter, Standard Mounting Adapter, For 911® /912 Porsche®, 1969 -1973

Optima Battery & Adapter, Standard Mounting Adapter, For 911® /912 Porsche®, 1969 -1973

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Optima® Batteries Truly the Ultimate Power Source

Thanks to exclusive SpiralCell Technology, Optima® Batteries last twice as long as conventional automotive batteries. Since the internal components are sealed you can mount an Optima® in any position - even upside down - and they can sit for up to 12 months without fading. Optima® batteries offer more cranking power and 15 times more vibration resistance than a normal battery, making them the perfect choice for off-road racers and daily drivers alike.

Standard Battery

If your battery is used in vehicles that demand extra reliability and performance, or if you just take pride in getting the best performance out of your vehicle, OPTIMA® RedTop batteries deliver the performance you demand.

Deep Cycle Battery

If your vehicle has a lot of accessories like running lights, high-performance stereo/AV system, winches, or hydraulics, your vehicle demands more from its battery. OPTIMA® YellowTOP batteries provide the extra performance and deep cycling capability that your vehicle demands.

Marine Battery

In the off-season, sometimes marine batteries sit for months at a time and lose their charge. But the OPTIMA® BlueTop battery has such a low rate of self-discharge, that it can go unused for up to one year without recharging, if kept at or below room temperature. And because of its low internal resistance, it recharges faster, getting you back on the water quickly.

Puck Adapter

The optional Puck adapter is required for most GM® installations where the side terminals are used. Position the Puck against the center cylinder of the batter and bolt to the battery tray.

Wing Adapter

The Wing adapters available for the Optima 34/78 may be needed for some Ford®, Lincoln®, or Mercury® applications (replacing a group 65). Attach these wing adapters by snapping into the openings on either side of the battery base.