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Paint Chip Repair Kit, Langka

Paint Chip Repair Kit, Langka

Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit
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  • Excellent For Repair Of Paint Chips & Deep Scratches
  • Touch-Up Paint Not Included
If you can "catch" your fingernail in a scratch or chip, this kit and touch up paint (ordered seperately) is all you need to repair these unsightly areas. This complete kit contains all the items necessarey for repairing your paint chips and deep scratches. Kit Includes:   1. The Original LANGKA "The Blob Eliminator" (2 Oz.)        Enough To Do 20-30 Chips   2. PREPAINT (2 Oz.) For Cleaning The Chips Prior To       Applying Touch-Up Paint   3. Paint Sealant (2 Oz.) To Protect & Seal The Finished       Repair   4. MicroBrush (3) A Unique Tool For Applying       Touch-Up Paint   5. Plastic Squeegie Card (1) A Unique Card       Used In This Process   6. Microfibre Cloth (1) For Wrapping       Around The Plastic Card