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Radar Detector, Escort Solo S2

Radar Detector, Escort Solo S2

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Escort Radar Detectors

Choose from a wide variety of Radar Detectors by Escort including the latest GPS powered 9500I.


Escort Solo S2

  • 9 Customizing Programming Options
  • Sleek Design
  • Cordless
  • Travel Case Included

If you¹re thinking of getting a radar detector, this is it! A 400% better range, longer battery life, high-resolution graphic display, sleek design and 9 customizable programming options. Comes with its own travel case. Best of all, the Escort® S2 is cordless and ready to use right out of the box. Drive with the Solo S2 for 30 days. If you don¹t like it, return it for a full refund less freight.

400% Better Range The Solo S2 integrates a new wave guide antenna, a new low powered digital receiver and a high-speed microprocessor with Escort¹s proprietary software. The results are impressive, including an astonishing 400% improvement in detection range on Ka-band, with similar results on X and K bands.

Longer Battery Life Running on just two standard AA batteries, the S2 has a redesigned power management circuit that gives you the longest battery life possible. It constantly watches the condition of your batteries and reminds you to replace them before it¹s too late. A new AutoPower feature on the S2 maximizes battery life by automatically turning off when not in use and will remind you to turn it back on once you start rolling again. If you want the option of a second power source, the Escort Smart Cord is compatible with the S2.

Packed With Features The Escort S2 is so compact at 1.16"H x 2.90"W x 5.25"L that it fits into the palm of your hand. Escorts patented AutoSensitivity mode virtually eliminates false alarms, while their exclusive ExpertMeter provides detailed signal strength and band identification on up to eight radar signals at once. A new brilliant LCD display makes the S2 intuitive to use and easy to understand. Safety warning messages and Escorts latest VG-2 protection are also included.

Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector

  • Ultra Bright LED Matrix Display in Red or Blue
  • Immune to VG-2 "Detector-Detector" Programming
  • 360º Radar Detection

The X50 takes Escort's most powerful Passport 8500 radar detector one-step further. Improved digital signal processing picks up conventional and instant on police radar, including the new POP mode threat, and provides an astonishing 50% more K and KA band detection than the original Passport. The Patented AutoSensitivity mode instantly distinguishes real threats from false alarms and internal programming can be updated as future radar threats arise. The X50 comes complete with SmartCord MuteDisplay combination alert mode controller and charger unit so its ready to use right out of the box.  

Escort 9500i Radar Detector

Nothing Else Like It The PASSPORT 9500i sets a new standard for radar and laser protection. It provides a perfect balance of long-range performance, intelligent processing of alerts and user information, and the elimination of the number one complaint - false alarms. No other detector offers this level of intelligence or protection.

  • TrueLock* Signal Rejection Permanently Eliminates False Alerts By Location and Frequency

The PASSPORT 9500i puts an end to false alarms. Its new GPS-powered TrueLock* feature allows you to simply press the mute button a couple of times and never hear a radar-based automatic door opener or motion sensor again. Our patented design captures the location coordinates and the exact frequency of the signal and stores them in memory. Once stored, TrueLock* will reject these signals, but is intelligent enough to warn you of a new or different signal in that same location. That's right, no more false alarms!

  • Variable Speed Sensitivity Provides Real-Time Radar Protection Based on Vehicle Speed

The PASSPORT 9500i can automatically vary its sensitivity based on the speed of your vehicle. At interstate speeds, all radar bands are operating at full sensitivity, providing the best possible performance. At really slow speeds, like parking lots and stop lights, the sensitivity is turned down to almost zero. No more irritating alerts when you are going below the posted speed. The result is real-time on-demand radar protection.