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pass the line

No More Waiting In Line At The Shows With Our New:

In an effort to speed up the registration and Tech Check/Classification process at our events, we are pleased to continue with our “Pass The Line” program for Show ‘n Shine cars that have shown previously at one of our events.

Show 'n Shine:

"Pass the Line" applies only to the vehicle – not the participant. Even though you have opted to Pass the Line, you still must come to the Tech Check/Classification table at some point prior to 5:00 p.m. Friday to complete a Tech Check sheet (required for ALL vehicles being judged) and to fill out a Judging Sign Up form (unless you paid the $20 non-judging fee). We will also complete your window card during this process. The following documents are required for the Pass The Line procedure:

* a copy of a previous CCI judging sheet (not Late Great or Bow Tie) that is within two years of showing your vehicle (with the tech check score recorded)
* a window card from a previous show within two years that indicates the number and changes to the vehicle

Please let us know of any changes to your car since it was last shown and if it was driven or trailered. If your tech check score is not 0 (perfect) on your previous judging sheet and you wish to improve it, we can re-check those areas where points were taken off. The tech check crew will report to your car where it is parked to re-check the necessary items. You will also still need to get in the “Photo” line to have your picture taken.


If you will not be participating in the 1000 point show and wish to display/show your car in Cruisers, there is no need to get in the Tech Check/Classification line with your car. You will still need to get in the “Photo” line to have your picture taken.

It is our hope this will improve/speed up the Tech Check/Classification process and make the events more enjoyable for everyone!

NOTE: Failure to completely read and follow all of these instructions may result in your car being placed in the incorrect judging class or disqualified!!