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Transmission Fluid, Red Line Manual Trans Fluid (75W/90NS) For Porsche®

Transmission Fluid, Red Line Manual Trans Fluid (75W/90NS) For Porsche®

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A satisfied customer of ours Dexter Ford says, this stuff is amazing. Before I poured it into my vehicle, I was afraid I was right on the edge of a trans rebuild. The trans gave me a lot of resistance going into each gear, making shifts slow and hesitant. And the syncros were getting a bit sloppy. It was easy to beat them and get a grind out of the box, specially upshifting into second or third. Red Line claims that the fluid creates added grip between the syncro rings, to help even worn syncros get the gears up to speed quickly during a shift. And boy does it work. My turbo now shifts much more quickly and crisply, with less effort and better accuracy. The difference was truly dramatic my first drive after the fluid change gave me an ear-to ear grin. Ill never run a stick shift without it.