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Tune-Up Video DVD For Porsche® 911, 1974-1977

Tune-Up Video DVD For Porsche® 911, 1974-1977

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  • For The DIYers
  • Easy To Follow & Specific to 1974-1977 Models  

Tune your 911 with our fully interactive DVD. Test subjects could set the valves, timing and even air/fuel mixture on a single Saturday.  You’ll be guided through each step of the process by Porsche Master technicians who have over fifty years combined experience re-building and tuning these exquisitely engineered German power plants.  The CONTENT covers all the procedures that will keep a mid years 911 (74-77) operating at peak performance. Teaching points are highly visualized with graphics, animations and video.

VALVE TRAIN THEORY- If this concept has alluded you, the animation will help you see the light

TOOLS NEEDED- What you need and where to get them

OIL CHANGE- The differences between draining and replacing the oil in a normal car and an air cooled machine.

VALVE ADJUSTMENT- Extreme close-ups of feeler gauges and where they go; the torque settings and gaskets and nuts that need to be replaced.

     IGNITION PARTS REPLACEMENT- The whys and hows of replacing plugs, rotor and   distributor cap

IGNITON TIMING- Covers hooking up the timing light and how to set the ignition for peak performance

FUEL AIR MIXTURE: Contrary to myth, the average person can set the mixture on a 911 with just an inexpensive digital volt meter and a three millimeter allen wrench.