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Wurth Products, Clear Lacquer (13 oz) For Porsche

Wurth Products, Clear Lacquer (13 oz) For Porsche

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Wurth It? Yes!! 

Used by the factory for years, now you can use Wurth products on your restoration and clean-up projects.

Wheel Paint

Use original Factory lacquer to touch up or give your steel wheels a new look. Use clear for extra chip protection.

Underbody Sealant

Fast drying sealant dampens road noises, seals out slush and road salts. Can be painted in 30 minutes.

Rubber Care

Restore rubber parts and trim to give your Porsche® that showroom look. Provides a natural appearance that lasts.

Zinc-Rich Primer

Get superior finish with zinc primer. Contains 98% pure zinc, Wurth's primer produces galvanic action that preventsrust formation. Contains epoxy resins for extra strength and bonding. Grey color.

Spray Grease

Use Wurth;s spray grease when you need a high pressure lubricant. Recommended for door hinges, bicycle gears and chains, wire cables, etc. Contains no silicone.


by Wurth® is a superior quality urethane based high strength adhesive and seam sealer. Highly flexible. Can be painted over after 30 minutes. Excellent product for bonding small wings, spoilers, rocker panels, etc. Also sealing door skins, moldings, truck beds and emblems.

Tar Remover

For easy removal of Tar, asphalt and bugs from paint, chrome and glass surfaces. Can also be used on clothes!